The long-forgotten remains of 14 slaves discovered more than a decade ago in upstate New York have been reburied.

    Seeger Fest is a one-time festival created by Pete and Toshi Seeger’s grandson, Kitama Cahill-Jackson, as a way for those who knew and admired Pete and Toshi to remember them, and for those who hadn't heard of them, to get inspired by their compassion for the human race.

The fest will take place July 17th through July 21st and will include performances from includes performances by Judy Collins, Peter Yarrow, Amanda Palmer, Tom Chapin, The Chapin Sisters, Steve Earle, Dar Williams, Guy Davis, Kim and Reggie Harris, and many others.

Kitama Cahill-Jackson joins us now to tell us more.

At least $250,000 has been raised for a memorial to New Hampshire's fallen Old Man of the Mountain.

The money has come from the sale of paver stones engraved with donors' messages at a plaza built in Franconia Notch. Nearly 600 granite paver stones have been laid in the plaza since last year, when it was dedicated. Paver stones can still be purchased.