WAMC Morning Edition Sports Update

Feb 27, 2013
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In top 25 college basketball, Minnesota beat No. 1 Indiana 77-73, for the fourth time in the school’s history. This is the third time Indiana has lost as the No. 1 team this season.

Elsewhere, Tennessee beat eighth-ranked Flordia 64-58 and 17th Wisconsin beat Nebraska 77-46.

In the NBA, Miami beat Sacramento 141-129. LeBron James had 40 points and a career-high 16 assists. Dwyane Wade scored 39 points.

Any Questions? #45

Jul 6, 2012

WAMC's Ian Pickus and resident quizzer Mike Nothnagel venture to the land of 10,000 trivia questions with a quiz about Minnesota.

Last week's challenge
Think of a 1960s number-one hit song whose title starts with the word LOVE. Rearrange the letters in the other two words in the title to spell something a band might record. What is the song and what is the thing?
Answer: The song is “LOVE ME DO,” and the thing is a DEMO.