This is a picture of  A painted line denoting the 35-foot buffer zone around the entrance to a Planned Parenthood clinic in Boston, Massachusetts

As part of a national effort, the Massachusetts branch of an abortion rights advocacy group is calling on Governor Charlie Baker to request that the Department of Justice classify violence at reproductive health clinics as domestic terrorism.

A political controversy involving the issue of abortion has erupted this summer at the state’s ethics commission. It stems from whether some not-for-profit groups should be granted exemptions from publicly disclosing their donors. 

The Joint Commission on Public Ethics, known as JCOPE, is charged with increasing financial transparency when it comes to politicians and the groups who lobby them.

Women's Equality Act Proposal Draws Much Attention

Jan 10, 2013

One of several proposals in New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s State-of-the-State Speech Wednesday includes a Women’s Equality Act, a ten-point agenda that includes protecting a woman’s freedom of choice by enacting the Reproductive Health Act. And Cuomo made it clear Thursday that he will give the same high-octane effort he gave the legalization of same-sex marriage in 2011 which remains the capstone of his progressive agenda. The Democrat says he's also deciding to disagree with Catholic Archbishop Timothy Dolan, who urged Cuomo not to expand abortion rights.