National Football League

Keith Strudler: The NFL In Europe?

Nov 4, 2015

Full disclosure here: I’m in Italy right now and fully aware of just how little Italians care about American football, among other American passions like SUV’s and Dunkin Donuts. But I expect that to change for me next week, when I head to London. That’s at least according to reports that the NFL will now play four games a year on British fields, adding games at Twickenham Stadium, a London Rugby facility, to its current lot at the more sophisticated Wimbley. And more could come starting 2018 when the soccer club Tottenham Hotspur finishes their new building in north London. All said, unlike the Italians, the Brits will get a full complement of American style football from an assortment of teams. So unlike, say, people in Cleveland, British football fans aren’t stuck with a perennial loser. Perhaps see London as the buffet of the NFL.

Keith Strudler: Language, Culture And The NFL

Feb 26, 2014

WAMC sports commentator Keith Strudler discusses the National Football League's newest penalty. 

Keith Strudler: NFL Anti-Discrimination Policy

Apr 24, 2013

Kicker Alan Gendreau is hoping to make an NFL roster this year. That’s true for a lot of people right now, with the pro football draft coming Thursday followed by weeks of free agent signings and trades and mini-camps and all the things teams go through to cut down to their game day rosters. Since Gendreau is a kicker, and he sat out last year after finishing his career at Middle Tennessee State, it’s not likely you’ll hear his name on ESPN’s live draft broadcast, even in the late rounds when all but the truest diehards have switched over to The Voice or something. Picking a kicker in the NFL draft is like ordering a diet coke at Serendipity. Just not entirely satisfying.