Keith Strudler: Pay The Men, Shirley

Apr 15, 2015

There’s no better feeling than putting your hands in your jeans or jacket pocket only to find a $20 bill you didn’t know what was there. I suppose finding a $100 bill, or maybe a winning lottery ticket would be better. But we’re talking in scope of reality. That $20, or even $5 is found money, an unexpected boost to your personal economy. It’s why I used to stash Monopoly money in my sock when I played as kid. I hoped I’d forget, which I never did, and find it serendipitously when I hoped to make a small hotel investment on Broadway.

Keith Strudler: Blame The Refs

Apr 8, 2015

You can make several superlative claims about Monday night’s men’s NCAA Division I basketball title game, where Duke defeated Wisconsin, and the entirety of this year’s men’s Final Four, which saw the end of Kentucky’s undefeated season. For example, it was one of the most intensely played series in recent memory, at times resembling a football game more than the game Naismith envisioned. It was also one of the youngest, at least for Duke and Kentucky, which were constructed primarily of first-year players headed straight for the NBA, or one-and-done as the common pejorative vernacular goes. And it was one of the most competitive events in recent times, with two of the three games essentially a toss-up.

Keith Strudler: March Madness In Indy

Apr 1, 2015

  For the NCAA and its vaunted Final Four of the men’s basketball tournament, the timing could have been better. Essentially on their way to Indianapolis, the site of the decisive three games of the 68 team tournament, it would be hard for any of the four remaining universities – Kentucky, Duke, Wisconsin, or Michigan State – to change their travel plans. And it would be even more difficult for the NCAA to change the site of these college basketball games, held in a football stadium, at the 11th hour, especially since Indianapolis is also the home of the NCAA headquarters itself and the site of many of its national championship tournaments. Not to mention the thousands of fans who are Indy bound for this Easter pilgrimage of sorts.

The University of Connecticut women’s basketball team came through Albany over the weekend en route to its eighth straight Final Four. Downtown businesses are hopeful major NCAA events will continue coming to town.

College basketball is big business — and good for local business. Times Union Center officials — whose recent bid to host the NCAA men’s tournament in the next few seasons was denied — are hoping the success of the regional women’s tourney final could set the stage for the rights to host future tournaments.

3/23/15 Panel

Mar 23, 2015

   The Roundtable Panel: a daily open discussion of issues in the news and beyond.

Today's panelists are WAMC’s Alan Chartock, SUNY at Albany journalism professor and investigative journalist, Rosemary Armao, and political consultant, Libby Post.

Scheduled topics include: IS Military Threat, Ted Cruz announces Presidential run, Governor Andrew Cuomo's biography by Michael Shnayerson, NCAA Sweet 16.

Keith Strudler: NCAA Football Playoff Aftermath

Jan 14, 2015

The easiest way to ensure victory upon exit is simply to declare it so. Especially when success is a question of perception, it never hurts to proactively write history. It’s kind of the opposite of cut and run. It’s cut and win.

Keith Strudler: The South Rises

Oct 29, 2014

For all that say the south will rise again, perhaps you need wait no longer. Because right now, they’ve already risen to the top of the college football playoff rankings, with three of the four top teams hailing from Alabama and Mississippi, all three from the western division of the Southeastern Conference. The fourth team currently in that mix is Atlantic Coast Conference leader Florida State, located in the north Florida town of Tallahassee, a state where the more north you go, the more south you go. So if the season were to end today, which it won’t, the four team playoff would consist of schools that could meet for lunch and still make it home for tea.

Keith Strudler: College Sports And The Law

Oct 15, 2014

I have long understood that college is a kind of suspended reality from the real world. It’s four years of limbo that separate the parental control of adolescence to the crime and punishment model of the adult world. In college, you are privileged – encouraged, even – to make mistakes. In some cases, that’s good. Like taking an acting class, or finding out you’re not good at fly fishing. But that latitude often extends beyond the benign to more questionable. Things that in the real world would earn you an arrest or even a conviction – and all the downside that comes with that. That’s what happens in the grown-up world. You commit a crime, and you suffer the consequences.

8/8/14 Panel

Aug 8, 2014

  Today's panelists are WAMC’s Ray Graf, political consultant Libby Post and Daily Gazette Editor Judy Patrick.

Topics include:
ISIS Airstrikes
Montana Senator Drops Out
Smoker's Happiness
Hot Car Death

Thompson Trio Putting UAlbany Lacrosse On The Map

May 1, 2014
Dylan Buckley

On a recent day, the UAlbany men’s lacrosse team scored another goal against Capital Region rival Siena, adding to the total of the number No. 1 offense in all of Division I lacrosse.