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Lake Champlain (file photo)
Pat Bradley/WAMC

Vermont's state treasurer says property owners could be on the hook for $25 million a year for a water cleanup initiative.

Vermont snowplow plowing country road in winter in Woodstock
Mark Goebel/Flickr

Vermont has a new way to help drivers in winter that tell them where snow plows have been.

Photo of Vermont Statehouse in winter
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A Vermont legislative committee will hold a public hearing on the governor's budget adjustment proposal.

A rendering shows the view at night of the 9/11 memorial planned in Riverfront Park in Springfield, Ma.
Spirit of Springfield

After years of delay and false starts, plans have been unveiled in Springfield, Massachusetts for a permanent 9/11 memorial that will include a piece of steel from the destroyed World Trade Center.


       A developer is being sought to purchase and restore one of the most unique buildings in western Massachusetts.  Historic preservationists are offering a financial incentive from a pot of casino money.

Boston's archbishop has been appointed to a top Vatican office that handles cases of clergy sex abuse.


A Vermont HIV/AIDS advocacy group has implemented another needle-exchange program to help citizens.

Vermont Governor Phil Scott
Pat Bradley/WAMC

One week after taking office, Vermont Governor Phil Scott held a press conference this morning to discuss the sale of his interest in a business that contracts with the state.


    A weekend of events commemorating the birth of Martin Luther King Jr. 90 years ago is under way in Springfield, Massachusetts.


        The American Friends Service Committee of western Massachusetts will hold its 33rd Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration Monday in Northampton.

Downtown North Adams, Massachusetts

North Adams, Massachusetts is the focus this week of an organization committed to small businesses in small communities. Members of the Deluxe Small Business Revolution on Main Street are touring North Adams. They are gathering input to see if businesses in the western Massachusetts city deserve a half-million dollar award. 


      Developers are being sought to buy and restore one of the most unusual buildings in western Massachusetts.

Supporters of a proposal to require background checks on all gun purchases in Vermont say they hope 2017 will be the year that the Legislature passes the legislation.

Vermont Governor Phil Scott
Pat Bradley/WAMC

Vermont Governor Phil Scott says he has sold his share of a construction company and that he financed the $2.5 million deal.

Little Brown Bat with White Nose Syndrome in Greeley Mine, VT
VT Fish and Wildlife

The little brown bat, a species that has been decimated by a deadly fungus, could be showing the first tentative steps to recovery.

Pixabay/Public Domain

A new report shows a significant increase in the number of Vermont children in protective state custody, such as foster care, in large part due to the opiate epidemic.

Holyoke Community College

       A community college in western Massachusetts welcomed a new president this week. 

       Christina Royal is just the fourth president in the 70-year history of Holyoke Community College. She is the first woman to hold the office.  

       Royal spoke with WAMC’s Pioneer Valley Bureau Chief Paul Tuthill.

Professor Stephanie Seguino presents racial bias report
Pat Bradley/WAMC

Researchers at the University of Vermont have released the results of the first ever statewide study on racial profiling by Vermont police.

Holyoke Community College

     A community college in western Massachusetts welcomed a new president this week.


     The new president of the city council in Springfield, Massachusetts says improving police-community relations is his top priority.

Holyoke Mayor's Office

The year began with a tragedy in Holyoke, Massachusetts.

A fire that was reported just before 9 a.m. New Year’s Day swept through a five-story apartment building.

Three people died and almost 50 people were left homeless.  Many of the tenants fled wearing only pajamas and all their possessions were destroyed.    More than a week after the devastating fire, efforts continue to help the victims.  

WAMC’s Pioneer Valley Bureau Chief Paul Tuthill spoke with Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse.               

Police say residents pulled a 74-year-old Vermont man to safety after he fell through ice on Lake Champlain.

Bias report lead author Stephanie Seguino
Ian Thomas Jansen-Lonnquist / University of Vermont

A University of Vermont study released Monday shows racial disparities in how police officers from around the state treat drivers based on their race.

solar panels

Vermont's new Republican governor says he is sticking with his Democratic predecessor's goal of getting 90 percent of the energy needed in the state from renewable sources by 2050.

Fourteen Vermont towns are planning to connect with certified weatherization contractors for free home professional energy assessments, proposals and quotes in a pilot program.

Vermont Supreme Court

Vermont Governor Phil Scott says he wants to re-start the nomination process to choose the next justice of the state Supreme Court.

Holyoke Mayor's Office

The city of Holyoke, Massachusetts is hoping to raise $100,000 to help the victims of a deadly New Year’s Day apartment building fire. 


   As Massachusetts combats the opioid addiction crisis, peer-to-peer recovery programs are growing and seeking state funding.

A new facility aimed at helping those dealing with substance abuse is opening in Northampton.

Matthew Trump

Republican state lawmakers will have newfound power in the Connecticut General Assembly this session.