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       Iranian nationals, who are affected by the immigration restrictions ordered by President Trump, represent a notable student population at UMass Amherst.

As protests erupted over the weekend against President Trump’s immigration and refugee bans, communities in Massachusetts are responding to the president’s proposed crackdown on sanctuary cities. Trump signed an executive order threatening to strip federal funds from communities that harbor undocumented immigrants.

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Efforts to bring broadband internet to underserved areas of rural, western Massachusetts have been ongoing for more than a decade. Now the regional cooperative WiredWest has a new proposal. It comes after Governor Charlie Baker’s administration shook up and reviewed the efforts of the Massachusetts Broadband Institute.

A coalition of almost two dozen organizations in western Massachusetts are planning steps to assist undocumented immigrants in the wake of declarations this week from some national and local government leaders.

A Barre, Vermont man has denied helping a homicide suspect leave the state following the first slaying in the nation's smallest capital city in nearly a century.


    The countdown is on to the opening of a new transportation hub in western Massachusetts later this year.

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Key Vermont lawmakers are asking Republican Governor Phil Scott for an alternative budget proposal as it becomes increasingly clear that his won't pass in either the House or the Senate.

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About one year ago, state health and environmental officials were alerted to and tasked with dealing with the discovery of the chemical PFOA in drinking water supplies in Southern Vermont. WAMC’s Southern Adirondack Bureau Chief Lucas Willard traveled to Bennington last night where the state’s health official revealed results of blood testing conducted over the last year.

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As President Donald Trump issues Executive Orders clamping down on immigration, some state attorneys general are pushing back.  Vermont Attorney General T.J. Donovan has created a Task Force on Immigration to advise him on his legal authority regarding federal immigration law.

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Environmental activists, often at odds with companies involved in the natural gas business, are praising a public utility in western Massachusetts for adopting a new strategy when it comes to fixing leaking pipes.  

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A Massachusetts judge has set a trial date for a mother accused of helping dispose of her 2-year-old daughter's body after her boyfriend allegedly killed the girl.

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker says he will veto legislation calling for nearly $18 million in annual pay raises for top lawmakers, statewide elected officials and judges. 


A new transportation hub in western Massachusetts is expected to open to the public in April.

   A utility company in western Massachusetts has announced an unprecedented effort to repair hundreds of natural gas leaks that climate activists say cause environmental damage.

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President Donald Trump is expected to sign an executive order suspending the nation’s refugee resettlement program for 120 days.  The move would halt efforts by Rutland, Vermont to bring Syrian refugees to that city.

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Vermont's largest city will ask its residents to vote this spring on raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

Vermont's Democratic attorney general has formed a task force to advise his office on the scope of its authority on immigration matters amid uncertainty about the Trump administration's plans for refugee policy.

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A Pittsfield man is in stable condition after being shot by a city police officer when he took officers on a chase throughout the western Massachusetts city. 

Holyoke Mayor's Office

  A fund set up to help the victims of the devastating New Year’s Day apartment building fire in Holyoke, Massachusetts has exceeded its goal of $100,000. 


    The biggest construction project in Springfield, Massachusetts in nearly 50 years is causing downtown parking woes. The proposed solution to the problem: free valet parking.

Vermont Governor Phil Scott
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Vermont Governor Phil Scott presented his first budget address to the Vermont Legislature on Tuesday.  He offered a balanced budget with level funding and a number of policy changes targeting the state’s education fund.  Reaction to his plan is mixed.

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Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, a Republican in a heavily Democratic state, stressed bipartisanship during his second State of the Commonwealth address last night.

Baker said cooperation and compromise among the members of the House and Senate, and between the legislature and his administration had made Massachusetts stronger, resulting in record-low unemployment rates, higher student test scores, and progress in tackling a number of daunting problems including opioid addiction and family homelessness.

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Gun rights activists have filed a lawsuit to end what they call Massachusetts' unconstitutional firearms laws.

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Gov. Charlie Baker is unveiling a program aimed at helping those looking for work obtain the skills they need to land a job. 

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The South Burlington, Vermont city council has passed a resolution to end a home buyout program offered by the Burlington International Airport.

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker delivers his 2017 State of the Commonwealth address.
Office of Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker

The full transcript of Governor Charlie Baker's State of the Commonwealth address.

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A bat was at the Vermont Statehouse just before the governor's budget address.

Vermont Governor Phil Scott
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Vermont's new Republican governor is calling on lawmakers to restructure the way the state pays for education.


   Massachusetts lawmakers are planning to vote for a large pay increase for themselves, other top elected state officials and judges.  A top legislative leader, addressing a business group in Springfield this morning, strongly defended the pay raises as long overdue.

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Vermont's Secretary of State and Attorney General are creating a Committee on Campaign Finance Education, Compliance and Reform to address campaign finance issues and solutions.