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Boston, MA – A bill that would decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana is making its way though the Massachusetts state house.

WAMC's Pioneer Valley Bureau Chief Dan Bobkoff reports.

Pittsfield, MA – The Barrington Stage Company will soon be settling into its new home in Pittsfield, Massachusetts where it will host a number of full-scale musicals and plays.
But the company is also known for staging lesser-known productions and works-in-progress on its Stage II, which was without a home until very recently.

Boston, MA – A Massachusetts regulatory board has required Wal-Mart to stock the Morning After Pill in its stores in the state. Details from our Pioneer Valley Bureau Chief, Dan Bobkoff:

Pittsfield, MA – A citizen's group that had opposed changes to a Pittsfield, Massachusetts bylaw, which would have allowed timeshares in a residential area, has won its battle. But as our Berkshire Bureau Chief, Carrie Saldo, reports that doesn't mean timeshares are all together our of the question.

Montpelier, VT – Vermont's exports in 2005 were up nearly a billion dollars, a 29 percent increase over the previous year. WAMC's North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley has more.

AMHERST, MA – Applications are up, but acceptances are down at UMASS Amherst for Fall of 2006. But wasn't the school supposed to be getting bigger?

WAMC's Pioneer Valley Bureau Chief, Dan Bobkoff has the story.

Bellows Falls, VT – Village trustees in Bellows Falls, Vermont have dropped plans to install a village-wide, closed circuit, security camera system. At a meeting Tuesday night, the trustees opted instead to use the federal grant earmarked for the camera system to purchase a digital radio system. WAMC's North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley has more.

Burlington, VT – The University of Vermont has set a new record. College officials say applications have increased more than 36 percent over last year, with over 17-thousand-600 people applying to the school. WAMC's North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley spoke with the President of the college.

Williamstown, MA – Williams College is moving into high gear with its a $123 million campus renovation project. The project is the latest in a series of college-related construction projects over the past five years.

AMHERST, MA – The Darfur region of Sudan has been beset by violence since February 2003 as non-Arab rebels have fought government forces backed by militias. The UN estimates at least 180,000 people have died and at least 2 million people have been displaced in the crisis. Now, led by a student group, Amherst College has publicly divested its holdings in companies it says are aiding the government's military campaign-and it's pushing the state government and fund managers to do the same.