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SOUTH HADLEY, MA – Amherst College and Mount Holyoke are among eight colleges making a big investment in attracting and assisting low-income transfer students from community colleges.

WAMC's Pioneer Valley Bureau Chief Dan Bobkoff reports.

Burlington, VT – The University of Vermont has received a grant from the National Institutes of Health that will fund a state-wide biomedical research network. The sixteen-and-a-half million dollar grant is the largest in the university's history. WAMC's North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley has more.

Burlington, VT – For the first time in a mayoral election in the United States, voters in Burlington, Vermont will use what's called instant runoff voting when they go to the polls Tuesday. WAMC's North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley has more.

AMHERST, ma – Many communities in the Northeast region have been coping with budget red ink. Usually it's up to town officials to come up with solutions. But one college town in Massachusetts wants residents to figure out how to solve its current budget woes.

WAMC's Pioneer Valley Bureau Chief Dan Bobkoff explains.

Vernon, VT – After two years of review, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has approved the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant's request to increase its power output by 20 percent. WAMC's North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley has more.............

SPringfield, MA – Senator Edward Kennedy and U.S. Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings were at a Springfield high school today to announce a major grant to improve high school literacy in Massachusetts and the nation.

WAMC's Pioneer Valley Bureau Chief Dan Bobkoff has the story.

Adams, MA – Its been two years since Adams, Massachusetts submitted the sole proposal to the state Department of Conservation and Recreation to develop a portion of the Greylock Glen, which is at the foot of the state's highest peak - Mount Greylock. Now, the state has requested a formal presentation. Our Berkshire Bureau, Chief Carrie Saldo, spoke with Town Administrator William Ketcham, about what this means for Adams;

Great Barrington, MA – Last fall Berkshire Gas, Western Massachusetts sole provider of Natural Gas sought a nearly 30 percent rate increase from the Department of Telecommunications and energy. But, as our Berkshire Bureau Chief, Carrie Saldo reports, a milder than expected winter has translated into good news for rate payers;

Springfield, MA – More financial problems in the city of Springfield, MA. Mayor Charles Ryan has said the city may run out of money this month if the state does not help out.

WAMC's Pioneer Valley Bureau Chief Dan Bobkoff reports.

Great Barrington, MA – States across the nation have been grappling with the challenges presented by the medicare Part D prescription drug plan. Vermont officials found it so convoluted they shelved the program temporarily and while Massachusetts hasn't needed to go that far, those on the front lines - pharmacists and elder care workers - told WAMC's Berkshire Bureau Chief, Carrie Saldo they will be navigating the intricacies of the program for sometime.