New York Common Core

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WAMC's David Guistina talks with Judy Patrick of the Daily Gazette about students who decided to opt-out of the state common core tests yesterday and a woman who's bringing attention to potholes on the streets of Schenectady in a unique way.

WAMC Alan Chartock

WAMC's Dr. Alan Chartock discusses the upcoming snowstorm, the New York Board of Regents, and common core.

Senate Republicans say they will break a long standing tradition of boycotting the election of new Regents. They now say they will attend a joint legislative session, and that many will vote no over dissatisfaction with the Common Core.

Senate Education Chair John Flanagan says Republican Senators will be attending a joint session of the legislature to appoint board of Regents members to new terms. But he says many GOP members will be voting no.

“There’s a very strong feeling that not enough has been done,” Flanagan said. “And they’re still not listening.”

The state Board of Regents at the last minute reversed course and decided not to hold a final vote on some changes to weaken implementation of the Common Core standards in New York. 

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New York State’s Teacher of the Year testified at a Senate hearing that even she could not receive high marks in her teacher evaluation process, due to what she and others say is the dysfunctional implementation of  the new Common Core standards.

A new poll finds Standardized Tests have support among parents as a useful way to track student progress and school quality.

New York is the second state to test students under the new Common Core standards, which require more writing, critical thinking and problem-solving. In the first results, students scores plummeted.

Back in April, when the New York State United Teachers thought Common Core testing was a risky experiment, the union launched an unsuccessful attempt to stop the exams from being given. NYSUT President Dick Iannuzzi said then that challenges were in store for both teachers and students and that schools weren't prepared to teach to the new standards.