New York Governer Andrew Cuomo

New York News
12:13 pm
Thu October 3, 2013

Cuomo Looks To Former Rivals To Head Tax Cutting Commission

Credit Courtesy of the Office of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is appointing a new tax cutting commission that he’s charged with finding ways of slicing state revenues by two to three billion dollars next year.

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New York News
12:17 pm
Sat September 14, 2013

GOP Leader Says There's Interest In Challenging Cuomo in '14

The primaries are over and the general election in November is still weeks away, but already many in the political world are thinking about the next significant contest on the horizon- the 2014 statewide elections.  State GOP Chairman Ed Cox, in an interview with public radio and television, says he’s working on finding a Republican candidate to challenge Governor Andrew Cuomo, and he says several are interested.

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New York News
6:06 pm
Thu September 5, 2013

Cuomo's "Death Penalty " Remarks on Failing Schools Draws Reaction

Credit Office of Governor Andrew Cuomo

The school year starts for school children in New York this week and next week. It comes amid concerns over low test scores for many of the state’s students, and harsh rhetoric from Governor Cuomo, saying he wants a “death penalty” option for dealing with failing schools. 

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6:10 pm
Mon August 12, 2013

Cuomo Rebounds With Voters, Most Are Embarrassed By Weiner, Spitzer

Credit Pat Arnow

A new poll finds most New Yorkers are ashamed of the candidacies of Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer for Mayor and Comptroller of New York City. The Siena College poll also finds that Governor Cuomo, in contrast, is enjoying a minor rebound with voters. 

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New York News
12:10 pm
Sat August 10, 2013

Cuomo Spending His Time Upstate this Summer

Credit WAMC Photo by Dave Lucas


Cuomo’s name is frequently mentioned as a possible Presidential contender in 2016, that is if former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton doesn’t run. But the governor first has to think about an earlier date 2014 and his re election race, and how to shore up his support in upstate, where he’s been flagging in the polls.   

During the past several weeks, Governor Cuomo has spent much of his time in upstate New York.

He paddled in a whitewater rafting contest he organized  in the Adirondacks, to boost tourism.

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Hudson Valley News
10:45 pm
Wed July 24, 2013

Governor Cuomo Signs Legislation Concerning Police Dogs

Credit Courtersy of Office of NYS Senator George Maziarz

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Wednesday signed two bills pertaining to police dogs. A Hudson Valley Assemblyman sponsored both.

One bill elevates to a Class E felony the killing of a police dog or police horse. Republican George Maziarz sponsored the bill in the Senate.

Maziarz and Democrat Kenneth Zebrowski, who sponsored the bill in the Assembly, point to a second police dog killing that occurred after the bill was introduced. Here’s Zebrowski:

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New York News
6:00 pm
Wed May 29, 2013

Hundreds Rally for Stalled NY Public Campaign Finance Bill

Supporters of public campaign financing rally at the New York State Capitol in Albany, May 29, 2013.
Credit Karen DeWitt

Hundreds gathered at the State Capitol to rally for public financing of political campaigns. The measure remains in limbo in the State Senate and Governor Cuomo faces questions on whether he’s working hard enough for the proposal to pass.
They came in busses from all over New York to give state lawmakers their message- big money is corrupting politics. They say the state should adopt New York City’s public campaign finance system, which allows candidates to match every dollar they collect in small donations with seven dollars of government funds.

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New York News
6:00 pm
Wed May 22, 2013

Fracking Not Currently in NY's Economic Development Plans

State University of New York Chancellor Nancy Zimpher and Governor Andrew M. Cuomo at today's "Tax-Free NY" event at the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering at the SUNY Albany.
Credit Office of Governor Andrew Cuomo

Governor Cuomo, who still has not issued a decision on whether hydro fracking should be allowed in New York,  is backing further away from the controversial gas drilling process in his economic development plans for the future.  

Two years ago, Governor Cuomo considered hydro fracking a key component of his plans for economic development in the faltering upstate regions of the state. 

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New York News
4:56 pm
Wed May 1, 2013

Gov ♥'s New York

Credit Times Union Website Crime Confidential Blog

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is big on tourism. The state's leader has called a summit meeting for next week. Cuomo announced Wednesday he will host New York State’s first ever Tourism Summit to hear ideas from industry leaders, business owners and other stakeholders to help ensure that the tourism industry continues to grow and create jobs in New York.

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New York News
4:56 pm
Mon April 15, 2013

No disclosure for Cuomo's girlfriend

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — New York's government ethics board says TV star Sandra Lee can have many of the taxpayer-paid perks of being a governor's wife without requiring Gov. Andrew Cuomo governor's girlfriend to disclose financial information required of officials' spouses.

Spouses of legislators and top state officials must disclose some business relationships and financial interests to identify conflicts of interest.

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