New York Lottery

New York Lottery fans have one fewer game to play.

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New Yorkers spent more on the state lottery and state-regulated electronic gaming machines than ever before last year, generating a record of almost $10 billion in revenue.

Two Mega Millions Winners Hail From Sullivan County

Mar 18, 2015
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State lottery officials say a county in the Hudson Valley has its second jackpot winner in recent months. The winner will be presented with the token check Wednesday morning. 

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A Mega Millions lottery ticket worth $326 million was sold at a Valero gas station in Middletown, NY this week.

New York Lottery caller Yolanda Vega says after her more than 20 years in the business, it’s always exciting to see a New Yorker win the grand prize.

Vega spoke with WAMC’s Lucas Willard.

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SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (AP) — The state agencies in charge of regulating New York's horse racing industry and running its lotteries are now merged into one department.