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File: Governor Andrew Cuomo at Norsk Titanium in Plattsburgh
Pat Bradley/WAMC

For the second day in a row, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo held rallies Tuesday criticizing President Donald Trump’s choice for the U.S. Supreme Court, and urging action on a measure that would protect the right to choose abortion in New York.

Albany County Correctional Facility
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It’s been about two weeks since people detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement began arriving at Albany County Correctional Facility. Since then, hundreds of lawyers and volunteers have been working in the jail to find out basic information about the immigrants being detained.

Morning Headlines With Mike Spain Of The Times Union

Jul 10, 2018
Mike Spain

WAMC's David Guistina speaks with Mike Spain, Associate Editor of The Times Union, about the ongoing trail of former New York state Senate Leader Dean Skelos. The pair also discuss Albany County Executive Daniel McCoy, who is being criticized for his office's social media practices.

Former New York state Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos
Karen DeWitt

A former New York state Senate leader has been pressured to explain why real estate executives who needed his support on legislation also agreed to steer work to his son.

Health Quest Twitter Page

Federal authorities say a New York health care provider and its subsidiary hospital have agreed to pay more than $15 million to the U.S. government and state in a false claims lawsuit settlement.

A New York State trooper killed on duty by a suicidal man was remembered at his funeral Sunday for his leadership, passion for life and willingness to help others.

NYS Department of Health Facebook

The state Health Department is holding public meetings to discuss the launch of cancer studies in four communities across New York state.

Ken Lovett
Ken Lovett

WAMC's David Guistina speaks with Ken Lovett, Albany Buearu Chief for The New York Daily News, about Suffolk County's efforts to combat anti-union activists.  The pair also discuss efforts to pass The Child Victims Act in the state Senate.

The Albany Police Department is investigating two seperate shooting incidents that occurred early Sunday morning.

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A woman who was allegedly shoplifting from an Albany County Walmart is facing charges after striking a police officer with her vehicle.

WAMC Photo by Dave Lucas

Police are asking the public for information after a man was killed and another injured in Albany early Saturday.

NY-14:  "These are the mailers I’ve gotten to my personal mailbox alone. " ~ Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex
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The outcome of the Democratic primary in New York's 14th House District last month made headlines worldwide. The upset of a 20-year incumbent renewed debate over the validity of political polling .

Lucas Willard / WAMC

A recreated mid-century shanty boat is traveling down the Hudson River in search of stories.

NYS DMV Twitter Page

New York's Department of Motor Vehicles is urging people to get a Real ID when they renew their driver's license to avoid having to make another trip to the DMV.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo
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Governor Andrew Cuomo is directing the state university system to continue policies that promote racial diversity among students after the Trump administration said the federal government will let schools leave race out of admission decisions.

Governor Andrew Cuomo is directing the state university system to continue policies that promote racial diversity among students after the Trump administration said the federal government will let schools leave race out of admission decisions.

Lucas Willard / WAMC

A move by the Trump administration to place tariffs on Canadian paper products is threatening businesses in the United States. Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer visited a plant in upstate New York today to urge the U.S. Department of Commerce to rethink the proposal in an emerging trade war.

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An appeals court is blocking the release of New York City police body camera footage at least until it hears arguments in November.

Facebook: NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

New York state has $525,000 in grants available for tree-planting projects.

Alain Kaloyeros
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The jury could begin deliberating as early as next Wednesday in the federal corruption trial of the former head of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s economic development programs, including the Buffalo Billion.

The Society of the Cincinnati gold eagle medal
Fort Ticonderoga/Photographer Miranda Peters

A rare medal honoring soldiers who fought in the American Revolution is going on display at Fort Ticonderoga in northern New York tomorrow – the Fourth of July. The original Society of the Cincinnati gold eagle medal is one of two surviving examples produced in Paris in 1783 for purchase by officers of the Continental Army. 

New York State Police

A 29-year-old New York state trooper slain during a domestic call is being remembered as standout football player at his old college.

New York State Capitol
Karen DeWitt

President Trump is set to announce his choice for a new Supreme Court justice replace the retiring Anthony Kennedy who he’s said could eventually result in the reversal of the abortion rights case Roe v. Wade. New York has had legal abortion since 1970, three years before the landmark Supreme Court ruling. But advocates, and many Democratic politicians, say it’s not enough, and it could become an issue in this year’s governor’s race.

New York State Police

New York State police say a trooper was shot and killed when he responded to a call of a suicidal man in the Southern Tier Monday morning. 

Ken Lovett
Ken Lovett

WAMC's David Guistina speaks with Ken Lovett, Albany Bureau Chief for The New York Daily News, about the ramifications of recent primaries in New York.  The pair also discuss Governor Andrew Cuomo's endorsement of Letitia James for attorney general.


New Yorkers are at odds over a new program that's taking away hundreds of public parking spaces and doling them out to companies that rent out cars by the hour.

Courtesty Donna Petit Williams/Fulton County Sheriff / Facebook

Police in Fulton County are searching for a man on the autism spectrum who disappeared Saturday.

NY Attorney General Bararba Underwood posing with state Assemblywoman Christine Pelligrino as lawmakers lined up to get their picture taken with Underwood.
Karen DeWitt

Barbara Underwood has been New York’s Attorney General for about seven weeks, after her predecessor Eric Schneiderman resigned following accusations he physically abused women he was dating. Schneiderman, a Democrat, has said the encounters were consensual. 


Progressive organizations and activists are holding a number of rallies and marches in our region this weekend to voice opposition to the federal government’s immigration policies.

Lucas Willard / WAMC

New York state officials have released a Harmful Algal Blooms action plan for Lake George.