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Albany, NY – Upstate New York Congressman John Sweeney was in Albany today just before heading down to Washington for tonight's State of the Union address. Sweeney joined Albany Mayor Jerry Jennings to unveil plans for reconstructing the Port of Albany to accommodate the region's growing river traffic economy.

WAMC's Capital District Bureau Chief Jessica Bloustein has more on plans for the Port.

Poughkeepsie, NY – After years of delay, the Town of Poughkeepsie in Dutchess County New York, has finally unveiled its proposed master plan for development.
WAMC'S Hudson Valley Bureau Chief Deborah Runcie has more.

Montpelier, VT – A bill submitted by a Vermont Legislator who represents Killington is up for review this week in the House Government Operations Committee. The proposal would establish a commission to assess Killington's proposed secession to New Hampshire. The idea, however, is not given much chance of passage. WAMC's North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley has more.

Pittsfield, MA – Cooperstown, N.Y has long been known as the birth place of baseball. But several years ago a 1791 document outlawing baseball on Pittsfield, Massachusetts' Park Square showed that America's game had likely been played their first.
Now the city is looking to highlight that historical connection with a visual art initiative.

Inlet, NY – Some lakes in the Adirondacks devastated by acid rain deposition may be adapting to, or recovering from, the pollution. Scientists are trying to determine if those waters are responding to something in the natural surroundings or to pollutant reductions brought about by federal and state mandates. One lake in particular has tweaked researchers attention. WAMC's North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley has more.

Troy, NY – As New York lawmakers gear up to pass an on-time budget this year, Governor Pataki is pushing for his proposed $634 million increase to school aid--which includes incentives to get parents more involved with their children's education and enhancing math and science education programs in New York's schools.

WAMC's Capital District Bureau Chief Jessica Bloustein covered the governor's visit this morning to a public school in Troy:

Poughkeepsie, NY – Dutchess County has received a 4.55 million dollar settlement from the state of New York.
It's for money it has spent over the past couple of decades caring for mentally ill patients that previously had been the financial responsibility of the state.
WAMC'S Hudson Valley Bureau Chief Deborah Runcie has more.

North Adams, MA – Many smaller hospitals in the Northeast are facing bottom-line challenges. Northern Berkshire County's sole hospital is in the final stages of a $23 million overhaul of its patient care areas. Meanwhile, North Adams Regional Hospital is also grappling to recover from five straight years of financial losses. Our Berkshire Bureau Chief, Carrie Saldo recently toured the hospital and has a report on its financial health;

Ithaca, NY – Cornell University will use a 25 million dollar gift from Microsoft Founder Bill Gates to build a center for a new information campus.
WAMC'S Hudson Valley Bureau Deborah Runcie has more.

Kingston, NY – Congressman Maurice Hinchey, a Democrat from Ulster County New York, has received a response to the letter he wrote asking the Federal Trade Commission to look into price gouging by oil companies.
WAMC's Hudson Valley Bureau Chief Deborah Runcie has more.