New York State Senator David Carlucci

HV State Lawmakers To DOT: Submit Rail Crossings Study

Mar 16, 2018
WAMC, Allison Dunne

Two state lawmakers from the Hudson Valley are wondering why New York’s transportation department hasn’t finished a rail crossings study, as mandated by legislation.

A bill that would give boards of education in many school districts the option to establish wards for their elections has been sent to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Meantime, the New York Civil Liberties Union recently filed a lawsuit challenging the at-large method of electing Board of Education members of the East Ramapo School District.

Office of NYS Senator David Carlucci

Leaders of New York’s Democratic Party recently asked the breakaway Independent Democratic Conference in the state Senate to reunite with the mainstream Democrats. Governor Andrew Cuomo is now backing reunification, which likely would not occur until at least after the budget session. WAMC’s Allison Dunne spoke with one of the IDC’s eight members.

A New York state senator is calling for greater protections for consumers and tougher regulations for credit monitoring firms following the massive Equifax breach.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo this week signed legislation to help increase organ donations. Sponsored by a Hudson Valley senator, the law is named for a Rockland County resident who received a heart transplant.

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Since credit reporting agency Equifax acknowledged a data breach during which hackers accessed the personal information of an estimated 143 million Americans, New York’s governor and at least one state legislator have proposed tighter regulations to protect and empower consumers. Now, a trade group whose member companies include Equifax is responding.

Office of NYS Senator David Carlucci

Following the September 7 Equifax breach potentially affecting 143 million Americans — including 8 million in New York — a state senator from the Hudson Valley is introducing legislation to shift some of the power to consumers when it comes to credit reporting agencies.

Two HV Lawmakers Weigh In On NYS Budget

Apr 10, 2017
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Nine days after the new fiscal year began, the New York Senate yesterday passed a $153 billion state budget. A few lawmakers in the Hudson Valley underscored important facets for their districts.

WAMC, Allison Dunne

A state senator from the Hudson Valley says more action is needed to help reverse the trend of climbing death tolls from opioids. He applauds Governor Andrew Cuomo’s recently released plan to combat New York’s heroin and opioid epidemic but says more is needed.

New York’s Department of State has appointed oversight monitors in a town and village in Rockland County. The purpose is to ensure that state building and fire codes are enforced. Lawmakers and officials say there have been deficiencies for years, putting lives at risk.

New York state legislature leaders have been discussing whether to hold a special session this month and take up, among other issues, pay raises for lawmakers. WAMC’s Hudson Valley Bureau Chief Allison Dunne spoke with a few state senators to get their reaction.

A number of elected officials in the Hudson Valley plan to draw attention to national Hunger Action Month by lending a hand Wednesday at local supermarkets.

The New York state legislature Thursday passed a bill concerning the troubled East Ramapo School District in Rockland County.

WAMC, Allison Dunne

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and legislative leaders announced an agreement Monday to improve rail safety measures across the state. A number of Hudson Valley lawmakers have been pushing for such legislation in the wake of a fatal collision in Westchester County last year.

NYS DOS To Hold Hearing On Rockland Real Estate Issue

Jun 10, 2016

Two state lawmakers from the Hudson Valley say the Department of State has agreed to hold a public hearing concerning aggressive solicitations by real estate brokers.

HV Lawmakers Urge Passage Of Rail Crossing Study Bill

Feb 25, 2016
WAMC, Allison Dunne

Ever since a fatal crash last year, there’s been increased discussion about safety at rail crossings. Now, an assemblyman from the Hudson Valley is pushing a bill that requires the study of such crossings. The bill’s Senate sponsors also want a study to get off the ground.

HV Senator Calls For Funding Full-Day Kindergarten

Feb 16, 2016
Courtesy of NYS Senator David Carlucci/IDC

A state senator from the Hudson Valley is calling for the funding of full-day kindergarten across New York, proposing the money come from the state lottery.  State Senator David Carlucci, an Independent Democrat from Rockland County, says every school district in New York should provide full-day kindergarten.

“We have to have full-day kindergarten for every child in New York state, no matter where you live, how much money your family has,” says Carlucci.

Carlucci has sponsored a bill to fund it.


State Senator David Carlucci (D, New City) has called on the state education commissioner and attorney general to investigate how culturally insensitive and historically inaccurate information was included in educational videos regarding Judaism and members of the Jewish faith.

WAMC/Allison Dunne

The East Ramapo Central School District is the only one in the Mid-Hudson classified by the state comptroller’s office as being in “significant fiscal stress” and the state senator representing the area said something must be done about it.

NYS Senator Wants Anti-Overdose Drug Available OTC

Apr 30, 2015
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A New York state senator from the Hudson Valley is asking the health commissioner to allow Narcan, the drug used to counteract heroin overdoses, to be sold without a prescription. Another state senator says there needs to be more training to administer the drug first.

State Senator David Carlucci, an Independent Democrat, has penned a letter to Health Commissioner Howard Zucker, with a request concerning Naloxone, commonly called Narcan, a drug used to counter an opioid overdose.


Three New York lawmakers have introduced a bill to appoint a state monitor to the troubled East Ramapo School District in Rockland County. The move comes in response to recommendations issued by a state-appointed fiscal monitor.


Three New York lawmakers have introduced a bill to appoint a state monitor to the East Ramapo School District in Rockland County. The move comes in response to recommendations issued by a state-appointed fiscal monitor in November.

Courtesy of NYS Senator David Carlucci


A New York state senator from the Hudson Valley Monday teamed up with a Rockland County non-profit organization to deliver Thanksgiving bags to families in need.

State Senator David Carlucci, an Independent Democrat, has for another Thanksgiving joined with Advocating For Change, a Spring Valley-based non-profit corporation that serves mainly African-American and Latino communities in Rockland County. Monday they delivered some 400 Thanksgiving bags, with turkey and the fixings for a holiday meal.

A state-appointed fiscal monitor has made a number of recommendations concerning a beleaguered school district in Rockland County. He is recommending state oversight of the school board, and state lawmakers were meeting this afternoon to discuss how to craft legislation to make it happen.

NY Has New Signage For Accessibility

Jul 26, 2014

Governor Andrew Cuomo Friday signed legislation updating New York's accessibility signage and logos. The bill was sponsored by two Hudson Valley lawmakers.

Governor Cuomo signed the bill on the eve of the 24th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The legislation amends existing law to require the removal of the word “handicapped” from state signage. Independent Democrat David Carlucci sponsored the bill in the Senate.

“The term “handicapped” is outdated, derogatory, and just plain out offensive.”

NYS Lawmakers To Hold Budget Meeting In Rockland

Feb 20, 2014
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Some New York state lawmakers are hosting their annual state budget meeting in Rockland County Thursday afternoon.

Westchester Hosts Invest In Education Rally

Nov 20, 2013
WAMC/Allison Dunne

State legislators, private school administrators and others Tuesday addressed a crowd of some 5,000 elementary through high school students at a rally in Westchester County. The goal was to drum up support for state legislation to provide tax credits for investments in education.

Courtesy of the office of NYS Senator David Carlucci

Football players at a New York high school are showing up for their first day of practice and receiving new helmets Monday. 

Two NYS Lawmakers Say Payment System Is Broken

Aug 15, 2013
David Goehring, flickr

Two state lawmakers say it is time for New York to fix a broken reimbursement system. They will make their demand Thursday afternoon in Rockland County.

Primary Candidate's Petition Matter Goes To Court

Jul 29, 2013
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A Democratic primary candidate for Rockland County executive knocked off the ballot last week is fighting back, and the matter will be decided in court.

Rockland County Democratic Board of Elections Commissioner Kristen Stavisky says Village of Suffern Mayor Dagan LaCorte was removed last week from the ballot in the race for Rockland County executive.

She says the 1,926 signatures fell short of the 2,000 required, thus invalidating the petition. She says signatures were ruled invalid for the following reasons.