New York State Senator David Carlucci

NYS Lawmakers To Hold Budget Meeting In Rockland

Feb 20, 2014
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Some New York state lawmakers are hosting their annual state budget meeting in Rockland County Thursday afternoon.

Westchester Hosts Invest In Education Rally

Nov 20, 2013
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State legislators, private school administrators and others Tuesday addressed a crowd of some 5,000 elementary through high school students at a rally in Westchester County. The goal was to drum up support for state legislation to provide tax credits for investments in education.

Courtesy of the office of NYS Senator David Carlucci

Football players at a New York high school are showing up for their first day of practice and receiving new helmets Monday. 

Two NYS Lawmakers Say Payment System Is Broken

Aug 15, 2013
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Two state lawmakers say it is time for New York to fix a broken reimbursement system. They will make their demand Thursday afternoon in Rockland County.

Primary Candidate's Petition Matter Goes To Court

Jul 29, 2013
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A Democratic primary candidate for Rockland County executive knocked off the ballot last week is fighting back, and the matter will be decided in court.

Rockland County Democratic Board of Elections Commissioner Kristen Stavisky says Village of Suffern Mayor Dagan LaCorte was removed last week from the ballot in the race for Rockland County executive.

She says the 1,926 signatures fell short of the 2,000 required, thus invalidating the petition. She says signatures were ruled invalid for the following reasons.

United Water To Respond To PSC Order About Need

Jul 23, 2013
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A number of legislators along with citizens’ and environmental groups are questioning the need for a proposed water supply project in Rockland County. The company behind the proposed project affirms the need is still there, and growing. The state Public Service Commission will decide.  


A New York state senator today endorsed one of the Democratic candidates for Rockland County executive. It’s a primary race recently pared down from an even more crowded field, and now there are petition objections for one of the candidates. 

State Senator David Carlucci, an Independent Democrat from Rockland County, endorsed Village of Suffern Mayor Dagan LaCorte. Here’s Carlucci:

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The New York State Public Service Commission is revisiting whether the underlying need for water in Rockland County warrants the construction of a major water supply project. 

Smoking Ban Comes To NY Playgrounds

Jul 14, 2013
Courtesy of the offices of NYS Senator David Carlucci and Assemblywoman Sandy Galef

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed legislation banning smoking at playgrounds.

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A Rockland County-based water company wants to raise its rates and impose a surcharge on customer water bills.  A New York state senator opposes both, while water company officials say the increases are needed to cover money already spent.