Newcastle University

The complexity of human culture is highly nuanced.

Dr. Daniel Nettle, professor of behavioral sciences at Newcastle University, observed striking cultural differences even in people living geographically close to one another.

Dr. Daniel Nettle is a professor of behavioral science at Newcastle University's Centre for Behavior and Evolution. His research focuses on evolution, development, and psychological underpinnings of behavior. He received a PhD in biological anthropology from University College London in 1996.

In today’s Academic Minute, Dr. Geraldine Wright of Newcastle University reveals why bees get a kick out of caffeine. 

In today’s Academic Minute, Dr. Tom Smulders of Newcastle University explains why our fingers become wrinkly after prolonged exposure to water.

Tom Smulders is a senior lecturer at Newcastle University’s Centre for Behaviour and Evolution where his research focuses on different aspects of spatial information processing, specifically in food-hoarding animals. His work has been featured in a number of peer-reviewed journals and he holds a Ph.D. from Cornell University.

In today’s Academic Minute, Dr. Amy Guo of Newcastle University explains the development of technology to address issues faced by aging drivers.

Amy Guo is a Researcher in Intelligent Mobility with the Transport Operations Research Group at Newcastle University. Guo’s research is focused on Intelligent Transport Systems, Intelligent Mobility, Travel Information and Age-related Driving Behavior.  Her current projects involve testing and evaluating the effectiveness of technologies in improving road safety and meeting the evolving mobility needs of aging populations.