Northern New England Occupy Walmart

W Mass Jobs With Justice

Inspired by the civil rights era freedom rides a group of  activists have caravanned to Bentonville Arkansas for this Friday’s Walmart shareholders’ meeting.   The activists include so-called “ strikers” –Walmart employees who have left their jobs to make the trip.  The union- backed labor group  OUR Walmart organized the caravans to call attention to what it claims is the retail giant’s history of retaliation against activist workers.     WAMC’s Pioneer Valley Bureau Chief  Paul Tuthill spoke with one of the Walmart  “ strikers”- Aubretia Edick.  She has worked for Walmart for 13 years, fi

Occupy protesters in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont joined others across the nation in Black Friday pickets at Walmart stores.

In New Hampshire, groups demonstrated in Somersworth, Manchester, Derry, Salem and other locations to take issue with wages, benefits and treatment of employees of the world's largest retailer.

In Ellsworth, one of the Maine communities where protesters appeared, about 15 activists near the city's Walmart Supercenter held signs with slogans such as "Support the strike!" and "Boycott Black Friday!"