Northwestern District Attorney

New England News
12:46 pm
Sat August 23, 2014

NYC Residents Accused In Massachusetts Car Insurance Fraud Scheme

Authorities in western Massachusetts say they broke up a large-scale automobile insurance fraud ring. It is alleged that people from New York City were insuring their cars in either Northampton, Easthampton or Greenfield where they paid substantially lower premiums.   This went on for six years.  WAMC’s Pioneer Valley Bureau Chief Paul Tuthill spoke with the chief prosecutor in the case, Steve Gagne, of the Northwestern District Attorney’s office.

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New England News
12:30 pm
Sat April 26, 2014

With Opiate Addiction Rising People Urged To Dispose Of Old Medication

A nationwide initiative today is encouraging people to clean the household medicine cabinet of old drugs. People can go to local police stations, schools, and community centers to dispose of  unwanted medicines.   WAMC’s Pioneer Valley Bureau Chief Paul Tuthill spoke with Christy Geffin, the program coordinator in the Northwestern District Attorney’s office in Massachusetts.

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New England News
6:39 pm
Mon March 17, 2014

The Unjust Hanging Of Two Irish Immigrants Is Recalled To Denounce Prejudice

William O'Riordan,former Hampshire chief probation officer, speaks in front of the stone memorial to Dominic Daley and James Halligan. The two Irish immigrants were hanged in Northampton,MA in 1806 for a murder they did not commit.
Credit WAMC

A St. Patrick’s Day observance in Northampton, Massachusetts honored the memories of two Irish immigrants wrongly convicted of a murder 200 years ago.  Participants said their story echoes in the civil rights struggles of today.

   About 50 people gathered in the cold for a wreath-laying at a stone monument on a hillside overlooking downtown Northampton.  It marks the spot where Dominic Daley and James Halligan were hanged in 1806.  Monday marked 30 years since Massachusetts officially exonerated them.

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New England News
5:25 pm
Fri March 22, 2013

Anti-Crime Task Force Launches In Western Massachusetts

Northwestern District Attorney David Sullivan addresses members of the anti-crime task force
Credit WAMC

An anti-crime task force was  launched on Friday to help almost 50 mostly small towns in western Massachusetts combat drugs, guns and gangs. 

   The members of the task force, most of whom will be working undercover, were sworn in Friday at the Northampton office of the Northwestern District Attorney.  The top priority is to disrupt the distribution of drugs, which District Attorney David Sullivan said is at the root of most crime in Hampshire and Franklin Counties.

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New England News
11:20 am
Tue April 10, 2012

More Police Seek Crime Leads Via Text Messages

Northwestern District Attorney David Sullivan

  Law enforcement is slowly embracing social media as a crime
fighting tool. The latest example was announced Monday in Northampton
Massachusetts, as we hear from WAMC's Pioneer Valley Bureau Chief Paul

        The Northwestern District Attorney, David Sullivan announced the
launch of a text-a-tip program designed to help police solve crimes in
the 47 cities and towns in Hampshire and Franklin counties.

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