Orange County Executive Edward Diana

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Three counties in the Hudson Valley will stay in Republican hands.

Office of the Orange County Executive

A county executive in the Hudson Valley has proclaimed a day for homeless animals.

Orange County

Orange County, New York Legislator Roxanne Donnery has officially thrown her hat into the ring as the Democratic candidate for county executive.

Donnery addressed a room of over 170 supporters in Highland Mills about what she believes to be the state of county government.

“My God, what has happened to this county? Where is the trust?” she said.

The shuttered Orange County Government Center and Valley View nursing home were key issues Donnery addressed.

“You want your government back and I’m going to give it to you,” Donnery said.

Orange County Exec Introduces School-Safety Plan

Jan 24, 2013

Orange County officials Thursday announced a school-safety initiative they say could serve as a model for other counties in New York, and perhaps even elsewhere in the country. The safety plan comes one month after the mass school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. 

Orange County Executive Edward Diana made the following announcement.