In Our Backyard

Albany, NY – Coming up in this edition of In Our Backyard: Scientists may have discovered a modern day garden of Eden in Indonesia and President Bush's 2007 budget-is it good or bad for the environment. Air Date: 2/20/2006

Albany, NY – On In Our Backyard: The turtles that Ward saved are now back in Maryland, a NASA scientist claims that his superiors have tried to silence him-we'll talk about what happens when good science runs smack into bad policy and Susan wrangles up some good stories from Ward who has had his own share of battles with politicians here in New York. Air Date: 2/6/2006

Albany, NY – The Whale in the River Thames has died-we'll hear what Ward thinks about the fate of other Bottle Nosed Whales. Animal rights activists have been indicted for a series of attacks out west-including one in the famed Vail ski resort in Colorado. We discuss what crosses the line between activism and terrorism. Then, we check in as Ward helps his son with his homework. Air Date 1/30/2006

Albany, NY – This week Ward went shopping, but he wasn't too happy with what he picked up--we'll tell you why. Then we will be discussing an issue that has become quite contentious--wind power. Next, we cover an important element of the National Environmental Policy Act that you most likely haven't heard about. Plus, more on bird flu and your letters.

Air Date: 1/23/2006

Albany, NY – Coming up on In Our Backyard: The Bird Flu. Over 75 people have died in Asia and Turkey from the H5N1 virus. Officials from the WHO say there is no sign of human to human transmission thus far. However, according to New York State Wildlife pathologist Ward Stone--the chances of the virus mutating are high. On this week's show, we'll talk with Ward about Bird Flu AND what Samuel Alito's record indicates about how he'll rule on environmental issues.

Air Date 1/16/2006

Albany, NY – It's the water show on In Our Backyard! This week Susan and Ward talk about water creatures such as lobsters and turtles. The World Watch Institute has released their "State of the World 2006" report which includes the issue of the loss of fresh water ecosystems. Then our hosts turn their attention to their own usage of water.

Air Date 1/9/2006

Albany, NY – This week: We talk about the environment and the Tsunami disaster--1 year later, An organization you may know personally helps put the 17 year long effort to eradicate polio back on track and we'll hear what Ward keeps in his office--it may just freak you out.
Air Date 1/2/2006

Albany, NY – Ward weighs in on the debate over opening up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling, the 106th Christmas bird count continues, we'll read from your letters and New Years resolutions for a healthy planet.
Air Date: 12/26/05

Albany, NY – On In Our Backyard, its all wildlife all the time! Today, we'll be talking with Ward about deer, great blue herons, turkeys, mountain lions and beavers. Plus, there is a creature living in the wall of Susan's house that is continually scratching and we're wondering if Ward knows what it is.

Air Date 12/19/05

Albany, NY – Did you know feeding deer was against the law? A woman in western New York did, but fed em anyway and was recently jailed for it! We'll find out what Ward thinks about that. Plus we have some very good news about Chronic Wasting Disease; Ward saw an extremely rare Golden Eagle this week. We'll talk about the importance of recycling, and as always, read your fantastic letters.
Air date 12/12/05

In Our Backyard #32

Albany, NY – On In Our Backyard, the pros and cons of nuclear power. The future of the Yucca Mountain Repository and what to do with spent fuel rods. Wacky weather and why we've been whomped with it. A letter about a weird wild animal in the town of Wallkill, and some environmentally friendly stocking stuffer ideas from a listener. It's all coming up on In Our Backyard with Ward Stone.
Air Date: 12/05/2005

In Our Backyard #31

Albany, NY – Ward has seen over 2000 deer over the last few weeks, checking them for Chronic Wasting Disease. How does he do that? What's it like handling so many carcasses? Are there Mountain Lions in them thar woods? What Ward thinks about Mitt Romney. And of course, your letters.
Air date 11/28/2005

In Our Backyard #30

Albany, NY – In Our Backyard with New York State Wildlife Pathologist Ward Stone: This week we peer into the mind of Ward where we will discover his take on Tire Burns in the Adirondacks and Prescribed burns on the Shawngunk Ridge. Plus updates on Avian Flu, Chonic Wasting disease.....And Deer Hunting season is upon us!
Air Date 11/21/2005

In Our Backyard #29

Albany, NY – Join Susan Arbetter and Ward Stone for a weekly look at the environment. Air date: 11/14/05.

In Our Backyard #28

Albany, NY – Join Susan Arbetter and New York State Wildlife Pathologist Ward Stone for a weekly look at the environment. Air date: 11/7/05.