The Roundtable
11:12 am
Tue November 11, 2014

'Field Exercises: How Veterans Are Healing Themselves Through Farming And Outdoor Activities'

    There are nearly twenty-five million veterans and active-duty soldiers in North America. Some experts estimate that more than one quarter of these men and women suffer from post-traumatic distress, and many other military persons experience difficulty reintegrating into civilian life.

The new book: Field Exercises: How Veterans Are Healing Themselves through Farming and Outdoor Activities shares the stories of men and women who are finding relief from stressful and traumatic military experiences, while also establishing community networks and other peer support initiatives. Stephanie Westlund has authored the book and holds a PhD in peace and conflict studies. She has been conducting research with veterans since 2009.

Arts & Culture
11:45 am
Fri July 12, 2013

Dracula or The Undead - Free Theatre at WTF

Noah Averbach-Katz (Count Dracula) and Elsa Carette (Lucy Westenra)
Credit Paul Fox

    The Free Outdoor production of Dracula, or, The Un-dead plays tonight, tomorrow and next week at the Poker Flats Field in Williamstown.

The production is adapted by Steve Lawson and directed by Jordan Fein and the Dracula duo joins us.