Paul Elisha

This commentary first aired on November 6, 2012.

Ever since the first American hostages of church-state confederacy resolved to sever themselves from authoritarian domination by coalitions of royalty and its religious authenticators, self-styled advocates have attempted to influence the form of our newly-won freedom.  Prompted by profit oriented off-shoots of the original order, they have invariably prodded their quarry to cede autonomy for the assurance of corporate stability and significance.  Their lucre-amplified logic?  Fiduciary federation provides the most dependable source of freedom.  What they’ve blithely and intentionally overlooked was who controls the combination to the lock on the cash box.

Paul Elisha: Gratitude

Dec 24, 2013

This disgruntled commentator, increasingly discontent with a Federal Legislature seemingly unwilling to overcome personal differences in political bias, to create a climate of cooperation for the benefit of national well-being found himself ill-tempered, at the outset of the most festive time of the year, just as one of his closest friends phoned to wish him ‘all-the-best.’  This embarrassed him greatly, because the friend was a ‘saintly sinner,’ who’d overcome a variety of social, chemical and physical set-backs, to become a ‘true believer,’ and an exemplary human being.  Now, here was I,