Paul Elisha

One of the great unsolvable human mysteries, for this commentator, continues to be how, during the final days of one of the Judeo/Christian community’s most holy observances, leaders and followers of the most diverse political opinions and policies can put them casually aside, for the duration of their respective religious participations.  Then, ignore the hallowed words and meanings they’ve mouthed, as they blithely return to the most miserably consequential and unsavory shenanigans, in their games of political one-upmanship.

As the various disparate observances approach, which, by some series of absurdities has become a misnomer, now  known as Judeo-Christian kinship, this commentator’s memory harks back to his childhood and the question he yearned to ask his biblically astute Grandfather but never dared: “Why is it that at the end of the Passover Seder, at the final ‘Amen,’ does everyone fervently respond: “Next year in Jerusalem!”?

With the sum of today’s techno-centric capability at unbelievable levels of accomplishment, in this nation, it’s hard to believe that America’s biggest problem is still race prejudice – specifically and sadly, prejudice of Whites against Blacks.  As the Nobel Prize recipient for literature, in 1992, Derek Walcott put it:  “There are no large issues in America, outside of race.”

If we were to compare our nation’s growth to periods, like those of individuals, one might call America’s present period an apt match for – “The Terrible Teens!”  There is a definite national attitude of adolescent willfulness displayed by too many individuals, who seem to be straining against the slightest semblance of restraint of any kind.  One might describe the prevailing temper as one of national antipathy for any form of control.

It’s time we stopped dancing around the obvious institutional source of the U.S. Constitution’s 2nd Amendment assertion of everyone’s right to own and utilize any kind of firearm and for any purpose.  The amendment’s explicit language has been twisted and stretched beyond any semblance of reason and sanity for the perverse purposes of profiteers, predators and promiscuous egocentrics.  For the safety and security of Americans of this and all future generations, it’s time to apply truth and principled logic to the cogent language of actionable law.

Paul Elisha: Liberty and license in our democracy

Feb 26, 2013

With the aggressive and all-encompassing advent of computer-driven technology, to the seeming Nth degree, in American socio-economic activity, one wonders if reliable public enlightenment is still possible, via the welter of virtual warfare, between what was once the professional informational media establishment and the so-called ‘Social Media’ horde that now threatens to obliterate it?

With the dawn of this storm swept year of Two Thousand and Thirteen, there’s much more than coastline geography, that appears to have been swept away.  Most of those watching The TV Weather Channel or scanning their I-Pads won’t be aware of it but the Art of Conversation has also been swept away.  Not much of a loss, to those hip-deep in complaints to local officials or state and federal politicos but a guy, named Jonathan Swift, who wrote about this subject more than three-hundred years ago, would counsel that the speediest way to action on any subject is via the path of free and forthrig

Paul Elisha: The Accidental Curmudgeon

Jan 31, 2013

There’s a danger for commentators who gather listeners with age.  It’s a trap to be avoided at all costs; too easy to fall into and escapable only with the greatest of difficulty…  as this commentator can now attest, from bitter experience.  The trap?  A wily metamorphosis that turns commentators into ‘cussed’ curmudgeons.

  Tom Brokaw, being widely recognized as having coined the title: “The Greatest Generation” and this commentator, a bona fide member since his enlistment in 1942, was glad to see him as a guest on a recent public affairs TV program; although the host did seem, somehow, to be more excited about the fact of this, than why its members were.  It would have been helpful for the current, younger TV audience, for Tom to have had an opportunity to explain the ‘why’ of the generation’s origin.

Paul Elisha: The Home of the Wise

Jan 15, 2013

Despite the proud prose that presaged it and all the periodic pronouncements that sought to endow it with continuity, ours has, from the outset, been an aggressively promoted ‘Marketocracy.’  Though an apt description, “The land of the free” and “Home of the brave,” does not apply to everyone, equally.  It is and has always been subject to selective affirmation.