pawn shops

The city council in Springfield, Massachusetts has voted to extend a moratorium on new pawn shops for an additional three years.

Police officials in Springfield are urging members of the city council to extend the western Massachusetts city’s moratorium on new pawn shops.

Springfield Police Commissioner John Barbieri said the two-year moratorium has helped to control crime – not just in Springfield but throughout western Massachusetts — and he recommends it be extended beyond its scheduled expiration this June.

Barbieri said the 42 pawn shops and junk dealers currently licensed in the city is a manageable number for police to keep tabs on.


  Huddy Marr, the proprietor of Bluff City Pawn shop in Memphis, is good at what he does: he knows jewelry, he knows guns and guitars. But the neighborhood is changing: A blood bank is set to open across the street from the retail space he leases from his brother Joe, and Huddy wants to move to a less seedy part of town. A pawn shop should stay right on the edge of seedy.

Authorities in Springfield have begun a crackdown on pawnshops using a new ordinance put on the books just three months ago. The regulations are intended to help police recover goods stolen in house breaks throughout New England.

 Three stores lost their licenses and five businesses were assessed fines after Springfield police officers working undercover found violations of the city’s new pawnbroker ordinances.

       Stronger regulations are being put on pawn shops and junk dealers in the city of Springfield, Massachusetts in an effort to help police investigations into house breaks and stolen goods. Police say the new rules should help people throughout New England eventually recover stolen expensive jewelry and family heirlooms.

A new law in Albany County is aimed at making it harder for thieves to sell stolen merchandise. The law, approved last night by the county legislature, will place new mandates on pawn shops and jewelers in Albany County. Also, sellers must be at least 18 year old. County lawmaker, Democrat Gary Domalewicz , is  the lead sponsor of the legislation. He spoke with WAMC’s Brian Shields.