Peter Pan

An illustration from a "new" Barrie play in The Strand.
The Strand

From time to time we check in with Andrew Gulli, editor of The Strand Magazine, after he has uncovered a sliver of lost literary history. This time, it’s a play co-written by J.M. Barrie, of Peter Pan fame. The Reconstruction of The Crime: A Sensational Scene is published in the latest issue. It’s a send-up of the mystery genre that fills the rest of the Strand’s pages.

  Mary Martin was one of the greatest stars of her day. Growing up in Texas, she was married early to Benjamin Hagman and gave birth to her first child, Larry Hagman. She was divorced even more quickly. Martin left little Larry with her parents and took off for Hollywood. She didn't make a dent in the movie industry and was lured to New York where she found herself auditioning for Cole Porter. Six years later, she became the Toast of Broadway when she starred in South Pacific. After that, she flew as Peter Pan, yodeled in The Sound of Music, took Hello, Dolly! on the road and shared a four-poster with Robert Preston in I Do! I Do!.

Her personal life was just as interesting and it's all covered in David Kaufman's book, Some Enchanted Evenings: The Glittering Life and Times of Mary Martin.

Bob Goepfert - “Peter Pan” at Proctors Theatre

Apr 13, 2013

The only thing more critic-proof than the musical “Peter Pan” is a production of “Peter Pan” starring Cathy Rigby. And you have them both at Proctors Theatre in Schenectady through Sunday.

This production is great for kids. It’s eye-appealing, the flying is exciting and the story about the virtues of never growing up is a message everyone wants to hear. Two, the youngsters will not notice the production looks tired with several mechanical portrays that are just good enough.