Peter Welch

North Country News
11:30 pm
Tue April 30, 2013

Peace Event Invite Prompts Scare at Welch's Office

Congressman Peter Welch

An invitation to a peace conference from a Catholic group is what prompted the scare at Congressman Peter Welch's office in Burlington after a worker thought the letter looked suspicious.

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North Country News
10:20 pm
Mon April 29, 2013

VT Cops Say Letter to U.S. Rep. Peculiar, but No Threat

Congressman Peter Welch

Burlington police say a letter addressed to Vermont's lone congressman was "peculiar," but not dangerous and workers are back on the job.

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New England News
8:45 am
Tue April 9, 2013

Welch, Owens to offer dairy farmworker protections

Credit wikipedia commons

Congressmen Peter Welch of Vermont and Bill Owens of New York plan to announce legislation that they say will help ensure a stable workforce for Vermont and New York dairy farmers.

Dairy farmers are ineligible for a federal agriculture visa program so many rely on immigrant farm workers who are in the country illegally.

Welch says with Congress set to start debating comprehensive immigrant reform, he and Owens will fight to get their bill or similar protections in any final reform package.

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New York News
12:28 pm
Fri March 29, 2013

Concerns Raised Over Pending Stafford Loan Rate Increase

Credit 401(K)2013/Flickr

Last year students at colleges across the region, and across the country, became concerned that interest rates on Stafford loans were set to double. Congress blocked the increase - but it was not a permanent measure. Vermont Congressman Peter Welch is renewing his efforts to stop the rate hike.

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12:59 pm
Wed January 30, 2013

Welch supports possible Clinton-Biden ticket in 2016

Rep. Welch

Vermont Congressman-at-large Peter Welch, a Democrat who endorsed then-Senator Barack Obama during the 2008 presidential primary, says he would like to see outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lead a ticket with Vice President Joe Biden in the 2016 race. Welch spoke on WAMC’s Congressional Corner.

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5:15 pm
Tue January 8, 2013

Vermont U.S. Representative Welch Seeks to Ease Health Care Costs

Congressman Peter Welch

Vermont U.S. Representative Peter Welch says he wants to use the federal health care reform law to help control health care costs.

Welch, a Democrat, outlined his plans Tuesday during a visit to a Montpelier doctor's office.

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5:10 pm
Mon January 7, 2013

Welch Announces Energy Efficiency Priorities

Congressman Peter Welch

Congressman Peter Welch says providing rebates to homeowners who retrofit their homes is one of the energy efficiency priorities he will pursue in Congress as a member of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.

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North Country News
8:04 am
Wed May 30, 2012

Welch to Host VT Phone Meeting on Student Loans

Vermont Congressman Peter Welch says he wants to hear from residents about their struggles with student loans.  WAMC’s Tristan O’Neill reports…

Congress is at loggerheads over how to avoid a July 1st doubling of interest rates on some Stafford Student Loans, and Welch and the head of the Vermont Student Assistance Corp. will be holding a telephone conference call Wednesday evening with people concerned about the issue.

Welch will be joined on the 7:30 call by VSAC's Don Vickers.

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North Country News
8:03 am
Tue May 1, 2012

VT U.S. Representative Welch Collects Student Debt Stories

Vermont's U.S. Representative Peter Welch is compiling stories about student debt.  WAMC's North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley reports... 

Welch was at the University of Vermont on Monday where he met with students, some of whom are working multiple jobs and studying full time as they accumulate student loan debt.

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North Country News
6:30 am
Mon April 30, 2012

VT U.S. Representative Welch to Collect Student Debt Stories

Vermont's U.S. Representative Peter Welch is going to be compiling stories about student debt.

Welch is going to be at the University of Vermont on Monday where he will launch an initiative to compile stories from Vermont students and families about the burden of student loan debt.

In Vermont, almost 70 percent of college graduates have an average of $30,000 in debt.

Student debt is topping $1 trillion dollars, exceeding credit card debt.