Phone Scams

The line of cars backed up onto Whitehall Road, as folks waited to shred their documents.
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Dozens of Capital Region residents turned out during a downpour to have personal papers destroyed at “Shred Fest 2016” today.

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You might think with all of the publicity, news reports and public service messages warning about scams, people would be more vigilant — and more suspicious.  But , anyone can fall victim to a scamster.

State authorities are warning Massachusetts residents about a nationwide phone scam that aggressively targets taxpayers.

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Electric utilities NStar and Western Massachusetts Electric Co. are warning about a scam targeting their customers.

In the scam, someone calls homeowners or businesses and says their power will be shut off unless they make an immediate payment.

A Vermont utility is warning customers about a phone scam.

The head of Fairpoint Communications in Vermont is trying to stop seniors from being bilked by fighting back against phone scammers.

Fairpoint Communications Vermont State President Mike Smith is redoubling his efforts against phone scammers after Fairpoint’s internal security team and a York County, Maine law enforcement official alerted him to a call that had been recorded, and is now using as part of a public awareness campaign.