Plattsburgh Mayor

Plattsburgh City Hall
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A former mayor of Plattsburgh has died.

The city of Plattsburgh elected a new mayor Tuesday in a three-way race that featured two independent candidates.

Voters in Plattsburgh elected a new mayor Tuesday.

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All of the seats on Plattsburgh’s Common Council and the Mayor’s position are open in this year’s election.  On Monday, city Republicans introduced their line up of candidates for each of the seats in City Hall.

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Plattsburgh city Republicans caucused late last week and chose their slate of candidates to challenge the Democrats vying for all City Hall seats in the November election.

WAMC/Pat Bradley

All six of the city of Plattsburgh’s common council seats, and the mayor’s position, are open this year. City Democrats have quickly selected a slate of candidates, and this past weekend, they introduced themselves to the voters.

City of Plattsburgh

The Republican Mayor of Plattsburgh has announced he will not run for reelection.