Voters in Plattsburgh elected a new mayor Tuesday.

WAMC/Pat Bradley

A candidate in the Plattsburgh mayoral race is questioning the timeliness of the filing of his opponents’ campaign paperwork.

Independent Chris Rosenquest was on the steps of Plattsburgh City Hall this morning to announce that he has gathered enough signatures to be placed on the November ballot as a candidate for mayor. The entrepreneur and small business owner is attracting attention in the race because he lived in Seattle until earlier this month.

WAMC/Pat Bradley

All of the top elected positions in northern New York’s largest city are up for grabs in the November election. The Republican Mayor of Plattsburgh announced in April that he would not run for reelection. And none of the incumbent members of the city’s Common Council will run to return to their seats on that governing body.

City of Plattsburgh

The Republican Mayor of Plattsburgh has announced he will not run for reelection.

Foreign Direct Investment magazine has issued its biennial ‘Cities of the Future’ rankings.  Montreal and New York City rank highly on the major metropolitan lists. Plattsburgh, New York also ranks in the top five micropolitan areas of economic potential.


The city of Plattsburgh is deploying high technology information kiosks to enhance tourism opportunities in the city

City officials announced Wednesday that a network of walk-up touchscreen kiosks will be installed in the city.  

The PlattInfo screens will provide information in English and French on restaurants, shopping, venues, events and points of interest in the city.  

Mayor Don Kasprzak says Plattsburgh is one of the first cities to use such technology and it will be made available on the internet and mobile devices.  


The proposed 2013 budget for the city of Plattsburgh has been released.  The Mayor says “lack of meaningful reform” in Albany and an “underperforming pension fund” made it one of the most difficult to craft since he has been in office.


The City of Plattsburgh Redistricting Committee held its public hearing on the plan to change the city’s wards last night.

Restricting Committee Chair Peter Ensel called the meeting to order, read the rules and called for comments.

And they waited.

But no resident came to City Hall to comment on the new ward structure that the committee spent months re-mapping. Chair Peter Ensel was surprised that no one showed up.