Progressive Primary

For all the debate in recent days around a recount in the Vermont Progressive Party's gubernatorial primary, party leaders say they want to keep their focus on winning more seats in the state House and Senate.

Party Chairwoman Martha Abbott appears to have won the Aug. 28 primary by one vote over write-in candidate Annette Smith, but Smith is seeking a recount.

Abbott responded to her apparent win by declining the nomination and saying she wants Progressive support to go for incumbent Democratic Governor Peter Shumlin.

The Progressive Party is a major party in Vermont, and the recent gubernatorial primary has resulted in a recount request from a write-in candidate and criticism from Republicans over how the state is handling the vote count.

The winner of last week's Progressive primary for governor of Vermont says she won't be a candidate in the general election, while the loser in the primary is calling for a recount.

The official count released Tuesday by the secretary of state's office shows Martha Abbott with 371 votes, to 354 write-in votes for Annette Smith. Abbott says she wants the party's support to go toward the re-election of Democratic incumbent Governor Peter Shumlin.