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In 2011 New York passed a law imposing a limit on increases in the property tax.  The cap for 2016 will be less than 1 percent and some officials worry that could severely restrict local services.

Conference Focuses On NY Counties And Property Taxes

Jan 20, 2015
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Ahead of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s State of the State speech Wednesday, there’s a conference today in Manhattan about the fiscal crisis facing New York’s counties.

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Wednesday unveiled the first proposal for his upcoming state-of-the-state address. He’s calling for property-tax relief for middle-class homeowners. The Hudson Valley has some of the highest property taxes in the state, and lawmakers have mixed reaction to the plan. 

Governor Cuomo has proposed a more than $1.6 billion property tax credit program. His announcement came at Hofstra University on Long Island, in Nassau County, home to some of the highest property taxes in New York.

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A 3-year-old dispute over the location of a Vermont village's southern boundary is headed to trial.

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Vermont House members are expressing relief that they've been able to reduce increases in statewide school property taxes from what had been projected earlier.

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The Board of Selectmen has set the tax rate for businesses and homeowners in town of Adams, Massachusetts.

The Selectmen unanimously voted to maintain a 15 percent shift tax levy towards commercial property for fiscal year 2014. The decision sets the residential rate at $19.95 and the commercial rate at $23.69. Compared to last year, these figures represent an increase of $1.70 per $1,000 of assessed value of a residential property and a jump of $2.02 for commercial.

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A decade-old Massachusetts program that allows a property tax break for senior citizens may be introduced in the state’s third largest city.  Springfield would join several smaller cities in the region that already offer the popular program.

The Senior Tax Work-Off Program allows homeowners over the age of 60 to perform tasks for a municipality in exchange for a one-time abatement of a portion of their property tax bill.  It is offered in more than 100 cities and towns in Massachusetts including Westfield, Chicopee and Holyoke.

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A new report shows Schenectady and Gloversville rank among cities with the highest property tax rates in New York.  A study published this week by the fiscally conservative Empire Center for New York State Policy ranks the Mohawk Valley city of Gloversville the highest-taxed of 75 cities in the state, with an effective rate of $52.40 per $1,000 of a property's value.

The city of Springfield is seeking an exception to Proposition 2 ½ , the Massachusetts property tax cap law, when it comes to casinos.

   An $800 million resort casino could mean tens of millions of dollars annually in additional property taxes for Springfield.  But Mayor Domenic Sarno said the city will not get the full financial benefits from a casino development unless a change is made to Prop 2 ½.


The Vermont House has advanced legislation that would bring a sharp increase in the statewide school property tax rates.

Wednesday's debate concerned a 5-cent increase in the statewide residential property tax rate, to 94 cents per $100 of a home's value.