Protecting Americans from the Proliferation of Weapons to Terrorists Act

Capital Region News
1:46 pm
Fri March 7, 2014

Aref Appeal Denied: Albany Imam Remains Imprisoned

Credit Project SALAM

Yassin Aref, the Albany imam convicted of material support for terrorism along with pizzeria owner Mohammed Hossain after an FBI sting in 2004, has been denied the right to file a new appeal asking for a new trial.

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New York News
12:30 pm
Wed July 10, 2013

Two Congressmen from Region Introduce Bipartisan Legislation to Prevent Syrian Intervention

Republican Chris Gibson (left) and Democrat Peter Welch

Vermont’s Democratic congressman and a Republican representative from New York have submitted legislation that would restrict U.S. involvement in Syria. The two were on C-SPAN Wednesday morning to discuss their bill.

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