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Questions are being raised by Albany city government leaders whether the treasurer can cut his own pay so  his staff can be awarded raises.

A freshman state lawmaker says there is growing support for a bill that would strip the pension benefits from any elected official in New York, or state employee, who is convicted of a felony that’s a violation of their public duties. The bill is sponsored in the Assembly by White Plains Democrat David Buchwald.

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NEWBURGH – The fastest growing population across the nation is Latino and with that said, one area organization wants to recruit more Hispanics to run for public office.

Latino Democratic Committee of Orange County Coordinator Sonia Ayala said the move is on to attract candidates.

“We are going to be reaching out to recruit qualified Latinos to run for office and train them and discuss the issues that are affecting the community, and it’s not just Latinos that it’s affecting, it’s affecting everybody,” she said.