Public Safety

Massachusetts’ new Secretary of Public Safety began a tour of the commonwealth today with a stop in Lenox to meet with public safety officials from several Berkshire County communities.

Recently appointed Public Safety Secretary Andrea Cabral visited with members of the public including lawmakers, building inspectors, fire chiefs, and law enforcement from across Berkshire County at the Lenox town hall.

Cabral, a former sheriff of Suffolk County, said in listening to concerns from the public she learned a great deal about the Berkshires.


Vermont and the North Country are preparing for another mega-storm 14 months after Tropical Storm Irene devastated the region.

Vermont Emergency Management is preparing the state for any possible damage from Hurricane Sandy and spokesman Mark Bosma says they’re advising residents to be prepared. 

Mark Bosma says it’s human nature to compare this storm to Irene.

The lessons of Irene are affecting how Vermont is preparing for this oncoming storm.