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What are you thoughts on the proposed minimum wage increase?

What do you make of the political relationship between Hillary Rodham Clinton and Governor Andrew Cuomo?

What do you think of the proposed immigration reform?

Yesterday in his second inaugural address, President Obama emphasized some of his priorities.

What are your hopes for President Obama's second term?

In the wake of Lance Armstrong’s mea culpa that he took performance enhancing drugs – and the recent Baseball Hall of Fame vote (where NOBODY got in) – we ask you: Does it matter to you if athletes use performance enhancing drugs?

What does happiness - being happy - mean to you? How do you define it?

What are you expectations for Vice President Biden's gun policy recommendations? 

Actor and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger held a press conference this weekend to dismiss suggestions that violent movies and video games are to blame for gun massacres such as the recent killing of 20 children in Connecticut.

What do you think?

The House of Representatives late Tuesday easily approved emergency bipartisan legislation sparing all but a sliver of America’s richest from sharp income tax hikes -- while setting up another “fiscal cliff” confrontation in a matter of weeks.

Lawmakers voted 257-167 to send the compromise to President Barack Obama to sign into law. Eighty-five Republicans and 172 Democrats backed the bill, which passed in the Senate by an 89-8 margin. Opposition comprised 151 Republicans and 16 Democrats.

What was the best or worst holiday gift you received this season?

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