Renewable Energy Vermont

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Ground-mounted solar arrays take up a lot of space, and the ground around them is often wasted.  An initiative in Vermont seeks to change that and use the land to help the ecosystem.

Experts say a large amount of clean hydro-electricity from Canada is available for use in the New England states if ways can be found to bring that power into the country.

Renewable Energy Vermont

A member of the California Energy Commission says Vermont is creating an inspiring legacy of achievements that put the state in the forefront of renewable energy technology.

Renewable Energy Vermont has outlined a series of interim goals as the state moves to meet a 90 percent renewable goal by 2050.

Hundreds of people working in Vermont's renewable energy industry are meeting in South Burlington to help chart a path to the state’s long-term energy goal.


Legislation that began as a proposed three-year moratorium on wind development in Vermont is drawing the ire of environmental and renewable energy advocates.