Rob Ford

    Shocking new revelations about Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, his family and associates by the Toronto Star reporter who has closely covered Ford’s career.

Crazy Town: The Rob Ford Story, by Robyn Doolittle, will chronicle Ford’s ascent from a flamboyant city councillor to a mayor embroiled in controversy.

Toronto Council Strips Mayor Of Most Powers

Nov 19, 2013

Toronto's City Council has voted to strip scandal-plagued Mayor Rob Ford of many of his powers after a heated debate where he knocked over a woman councilor.

The council voted overwhelming in a series of votes on Monday to cut his office budget by 60 percent and allow mayoral staff to join the deputy mayor. Ford now effectively has no legislative power as he would no longer chair the executive committee.

Ford retains his title and ability to represent Toronto at official functions.

Toronto Council Poised To Strip Mayor Of Powers

Nov 18, 2013

Toronto's City Council plans to vote today on a motion that would strip Mayor Rob Ford of most of his remaining powers.

The motion, already endorsed by most of the council members, would make Ford essentially the mayor in name only.

The council is pursuing the strongest recourse available after Ford admitted to smoking crack cocaine and his repeated outbursts of erratic behavior.

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