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Alan Barnes

Simon Townshend is highly regarded for his raw and honest songwriting, meticulous playing and distinctive vocals — apparent on his latest album, Denial, released last year. Over the past three-plus decades, Townshend has released seven studio albums, two live albums, and two EPs.

As The Who gears up for the last leg of what the band swears will be its last tour — a claim first made in the 1980s — they’ve been opening shows with their first proper single, “I Can’t Explain,” written more than five decades ago when rock was still seen as a passing fad.

  Fresh off celebrating their 30th anniversary as one of the most beloved bands in alt-rock history, Yo La Tengo is releasing Stuff Like That There on Matador Records. The album comes out this week and the band will go on tour next month, starting September 23rd at Troy Savings Bank Music Hall.

Stuff Like That There is a conceptual sequel to YLT’s 1990 album, Fakebook. The fourteen song record features two new tunes, three re-arranged and recorded Yo La Tengo songs, and nine covers.

The trio of Ira Kaplan, Georgia Hubley and James McNew reunite with former member Dave Schramm on electric guitar and the album is produced by Fakebook’s producer, Gene Holder.

Ira Kaplan and James McNew join us.

  Will Hermes is a music critic for NPR’s All Things Considered, a Contributing Editor for Rolling Stone, and author of Love Goes to Buildings on Fire: Five Years in New York That Changed Music Forever.

We’re lucky to have Will - a Hudson Valley resident - to share his music expertise with us at year’s end.

British musician Joe Cocker has died at 70, according to multiple reports. The singer best known for his cover of The Beatles' "With A Little Help From My Friends" performed for more than four decades, including an iconic set at Woodstock.

One the founders of the genre now known as thrash metal, Scott Ian was a typical Jewish kid in 1960s Queens, into comics and movies. His life changed forever when he saw bands like KISS and the Ramones, and before long, he was on the road himself, the heartbeat of the band Anthrax, contemporaries with bands like Metallica and Slayer.  

The Rolling Stones recently marked their 50th anniversary with a new round of interviews and concerts, but largely left out of the celebration was the band’s founder.

The word intimate is overused when describing music, especially in the singer-songwriter genre, but our guest Matthew Fowler takes you into his home on his debut album Beginning — literally.

Sarah LaDuke

Twelve years is an eternity in music — and once-inseparable band members often go their separate ways, start families, and find that day jobs have become job-jobs.

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A concert this weekend will feature a line of local and nationally-known musicians who have performed in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, while also benefiting a long-standing youth organization in the city.