The Roundtable

The Roundtable
1:30 am
Wed January 3, 2007

Hedi McKinley 's Advice on New Year's Resolutions 1/3/06

Albany, NY – There's nothing worse than a New Year's resolution that sounds great on December 31st and feels awful by January 5th. But today, Hedi McKinley shares her prescription for a New Year's resolution that lets you eat what you want, spend all you like, and feels good to boot.

Hedi McKinley is a retired member of the SUNY School of Social Welfare, and a clinical social worker with a private practice in Albany, NY

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The Roundtable
11:25 am
Tue January 2, 2007

Susan Arbetter's interview with Stefan Kanfer about Yiddish Theater 12/22/06

Albany, NY – Susan Arbetter spoke with Kanfer and asked him to set the stage for us - what kind of experience would we have if we could experience the heyday of yiddish theatre.

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The Roundtable
8:40 am
Wed December 27, 2006

Joe Donahue's Interview with Maya Angelou

The Roundtable
11:46 am
Tue December 26, 2006

Congressional Corner with New York's John Hall 12/26, 12/27, 12/28

Albany, NY – Alan speaks with Congressman-elect John Hall from New York's 19th District about his win, the orientation process, and the issues he'd like to focus on next session.

The Roundtable
12:16 am
Fri December 22, 2006

Judy Barnes' Essay - Thank You Notes 12.22.06

Albany, NY – Even if you haven't picked up Emily Post in ages, the holidays aren't over until a pretty little pile of hand-written thank you notes are on their way to the post office. That's a lesson that Judy Barnes' mother taught her at an early age. Today, Judy looks back on her mother's kind spirit, gracious nature, and unconditional love for her family.

The Roundtable
2:01 am
Wed December 20, 2006

Dean's Beans Coffee Tasting 12/20/06

Albany, NY – Dean Cycon of Dean's Beans has blended our Roundtable brew. Susan and Joe taste his creations: Roundtable Roast and Joe's Hot Lover Blend.

The Roundtable
4:14 am
Tue December 19, 2006

Congressional Corner with CT's Joe Courtney 12/20, 12/21, 12/22

Albany, NY – Connectictut's Congressman-Elect Joe Courtney joins Alan Chartock in the Congressional Corner to discuss his campaign, the Democrats' plan for the first 100 hours, and Congress' new five-day work schedule.

The Roundtable
2:40 am
Tue December 19, 2006

Dean's Beans Designs Roundtable Coffee

Albany, NY – Dean Cycon of Dean's Beans Organic Coffee whips up a brand new coffee just for the Roundtable!

Tune in tomorrow to hear Susan and Joe taste their very own blend.

The Roundtable
12:41 am
Fri December 15, 2006

Hedi McKinley talk about the dangers of gift giving 12/15/06

Albany, NY – The month of December has turned into a gift giving bonanza and sometimes it seems like no one's happy with what they get. Today, listener essayist Hedi McKinley shares her thoughts on presents, holiday and otherwise.

The Roundtable
3:15 am
Thu December 14, 2006

Congressional Corner with CT's Chris Murphy

Albany, NY – Chris Murphy defeated Nancy Johnson in the 5th district of Connecticut by 30,000 votes. Alan asks him about the issues that drove the election, how freshman orientation is going, and what bills he expects the Democrats to pass in the first 100 days.