The Roundtable

The Roundtable
12:23 am
Fri April 7, 2006

Passover Wines with Steven Kolpan 4/7/06

Albany, NY – We're joined by Steven Kolpan of The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York to talk about - and taste - some delicious Passover wines.

The Roundtable
4:54 am
Thu April 6, 2006

Time and Space Limited - 30 Years of TSL 4/6/06

Albany, NY – Time and Space Limited's Linda Mussmann and Claudia Bruce join Susan and Joe to talk about 30 years of Time and Space history.

For more information:

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The Roundtable
4:39 am
Thu April 6, 2006

Roundtable conversation on Autism 4/6/06

Albany, NY – Susan and Joe are joined by Dr. Kristin Cristodulu is the Director of the Center for Autism and Related Disabilities at the University at Albany, and Gail Aiken, a registered nurse and the leader of a parent support group called Autism Spectrum Disorders Support Network. Her son John was diagnosed with Autism at the age of three.

For more information on Autism and related disorders, visit: or call the Albany Chapter of the Autism Society of America - (518) 355-2191

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The Roundtable
10:22 am
Tue April 4, 2006

Before The Music Dies - 4/3/06

Albany, NY – Filmmakers Andrew Shaptner and Joel Rasmussen spent years criss-crossing the country, quizzing hundreds of musicians, journalists, industry experts, and music fans. The question they asked? "What is the future of American music?"

The result is a new documentary about their journey called, "Before The Music Dies." The Roundtable's Jennifer Nathan spoke with the filmmakers at the South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas last month. She started by asking them what they expected to find when they set out on this journey.

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The Roundtable
7:17 am
Mon April 3, 2006

Congressional Corner with CT's Rob Simmons 4/4, 4/5, 4/6

Albany, NY – Connecticut's Rob Simmons joins Alan Chartock in the Congressional Corner to discuss Medicare, Tax Relief, and Avian Flu.

The Roundtable
11:51 am
Thu March 30, 2006

Roundtable Conversation about "Community Reads" 3/30/06

Albany, NY – Susan and Joe are joined by two people bringing the joy of reading to a county near you.

Karen Bradley is a reference librarian at the Schenectady County Public Library's Central Library and the Library Liaison for Schenectady's One County, One Book program.

Marie Glotzbach is the Board Coordinator for the Saratoga Reads! program. She is the resident/curator of Skidmore College's Scribner House, and the wife of Skidmore President Philip Glotzbach.

Schenectady's One County, One Book:

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The Roundtable
7:47 am
Wed March 29, 2006

Congressional Corner with NY's Michael McNulty - 3/30, 3/31, 4/3

Albany, NY – New York's Michael McNulty joins Alan Chartock in the Congressional Corner to discuss the war in Iraq, the retirement of Congressman Boehlert, and New York state elections.

The Roundtable
1:10 am
Tue March 28, 2006

Roundtable Book Picks for March 28th, 2006

Albany, NY – * Beautiful Madness: One Man's Journey Through Other People's Gardens by James Dodson
* Insatiable: Tales from a Life of Delicious Excess by Gael Greene
* The Dead Beat: Lost Souls, Lucky Stiffs and the Perverse Pleasures of Obituaries by Marilyn Johnson
* Flavor of the Month: Why Smart People Fall for Fads by Joel Best
* Life in the Undergrowth by David Attenborough
* The Victory Garden Companion by Michael Weishan

The Book House of Stuyvesant Plaza - Albany, NY

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The Roundtable
9:30 am
Fri March 24, 2006

Congressional Corner with CT's Nancy Johnson 3/27, 3/28, 3/29

Albany, NY – Connecticut's Nancy Johnson joins Alan Chartock in the Congressional Corner to discuss the Medicare perscription drug plan, the upcoming tax season, and drilling in the ANWR.

The Roundtable
3:41 am
Thu March 23, 2006

Roundtable conversation on Brain Injuries 3/22/06

Albany, NY – The Roundtable's Susan Arbetter and Joe Donahue speak about brain injuries and how to recover from them with Judit Avner, the Executive Director of the Brain Injury Association of New York Stae, Dr. Maria Lifrak, a Board Certified Clinical Neuropsychologist, and brain injury survivor Erika Kirkiglue.