Science & Technology

Albany, NY – Genomics is at the cutting edge of medical research today, and Claire Fraser is helping to lead the way. Fraser and her husband left good jobs at the National Institute of Health to create the Institute for Gnomic Research. In this story, Fraser talks about her career decisions and what she hopes to accomplish in gnomic research. For more information, please visit:

Albany, NY – Ever wonder who designs the computer games you play? Graphic Artist Marcella Cabrera manages a team of designers who help create the games you play. Cabrera talks about her work as a graphic designer and how art and science combine to create computer games.

Albany, NY – As technical director of the Calvin Theater in Northampton Massachusetts, it's Holly Gettings job to make sure the show goes on. In this story she speaks about the fun, diverse, and scientific job of a technical director.

Albany, NY – Irene Greif is an expert in how people work with computers. As director of research at Lotus, Greif and her team study how people use their computers. They then use this information to help develop new products which allow consumers to use their computers more effectively. In this story, Greif speaks about this research process. Women In Technology International (WITI):

Albany, NY – Jane Hartwell combines art and technology to produce animated films. Most recently, Hartwell was the associate producer for the PDI/Dreamworks feature, 'Shrek'. Hartwell was also involved in the production of the animated feature 'Antz' and worked with Walt Disney Productions on 'James and the Giant Peach'. In this story, Hartwell speaks about the role science and technology play in producing an animated feature.

Albany, NY – Kathryn Born is a medical illustrator whose work appears everywhere from medical textbooks to films. In this story, Borne speaks about combining art and science to help people understand the human body.

Albany, NY – Volcanologist Kathy Cashman knows what it's like to be inside a volcano. Her research has taken her around the world to study how and why volcano's erupt. In this story, Cashman speaks about her work studying volcanology. Ms. Cashman's webpage:

Albany, NY – Kellie-Bea Cooper wears a lot of hats. As a digital animator, an art director, a story teller and a digital puppeteer, Cooper combines art and technology to tell stories to her audience. Cooper's Bio can be found here:

Albany, NY – Entrepreneur Lena West makes other people's business her business. West helps business owners decide how technology can help them. She then helps them find the right computer solutions to meet their needs. In this story, West speaks about her life long dream of running her own business.

Albany, NY – As vice president of EMS technologies, Linda Cook helps create products that build satellites. In this story, she talks about how she helps build satellites and explains how these satellites work. For more information, please visit: