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Albany, NY – What do you get when you cross a passion for textiles with a commitment to the environment? How about a kinder, gentler cotton and a career in science. That's what Sally Fox got when she put her background in plant breeding and entomology (the study of insects) together with her lifelong hobby. Fox breeds naturally colored cotton that eliminates the need for toxic dyes that contaminate the environment. She talks about how she managed to turn her life's passion into a career.

Albany, NY – New technologies are constantly being developed in an effort to make our lives a little easier; mechanical engineers like Katie Vandergriff, who specializes in robotics, are leading the way. Vandergriff talks about what it's like to run her own company and to work as a mechanical engineer.

Albany, NY – Karen Williams is a biology professor at Union College in Schenectady New York, where she teaches, advises students, runs science and technology programs for young women. Williams is working on research to help new mothers suffering from post partum depression. In this story she speaks about her scientific work.

Albany, NY – Cheryl Bergman turned her love of fast planes and her skill in engineering into a career designing fighter jets for the military. Bergman talks about her exciting work at Lockheed Martin.

Albany, NY – How long does it take for a broken bone to heal? Biomedical engineer Kay C. Dee is working to speed up the healing process. Dee spoke about her work as a scientist and professor at Tulane University. Ms. Dee's webpage:

Albany, NY – Mary Manhein is a forensic anthropologist who is known to the world as, 'The Bone Lady'. She runs the FACES Lab at Louisiana State University where she uses forensic Science to help solve crimes and identify the dead. In addition to being a scientist who loves her work, Manhein is a wonderful writer and mom. For more information, please go to the FACES website

Albany, NY – Tracy Drain is an engineer who helped build the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. Today we follow Tracy as she waits for the orbiter to reach the red planet.

Albany, NY – Tracy Drain is an engineer who helped build the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. Today we follow Tracy as she waits for the orbiter to reach the red planet.

Albany, NY – The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter will bring back more information than all the previous Mars missions put together. In our first audio diary, we follow Tracy Drain, a systems engineer for the orbiter project, on the journey to launch...and the white knuckle wait to see if the project will reach orbit and be successful. We learn not only what Tracy does, but also a little about who she is, and how her personal and professional worlds come together. Claes Adreasson, Producer.

Albany, NY – Last week, in the first part of our story on 'Women in Science', we focused on how several studies show the importance of young women and girls getting introduced to science, math, and technology at earlier and earlier grade levels. We also heard about the important role parents play in encouraging their children to take more math and science. This week, scientists tell us their own stories, including if and how, they were impacted by role models along their academic and professional career paths.

Albany, NY – PART 1 of 2 - Contrary to commonly held public opinion, parents, rather than peers or the media still have the greatest influence on their daughter's lives and life choices. Studies show that expectations and experiences from family and community members are more likely to influence girls' decisions to go into science, technology, engineering, and math, than even their innate abilities. We speak with several scientists and educators who tell us their personal stories.