Smoking Restrictions

Jim Levulis / WAMC

New tobacco regulations aimed to curb youth smoking and reduce second-hand smoke in public areas went into effect today in the city of Pittsfield, Mass.

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Albany County Executive Dan McCoy has vetoed a proposed law that would have prohibited the sale of tobacco products in licensed health care institutions, pharmacies and retail establishments containing a pharmacy in Albany County -  this isn't the end of the line for local anti-tobacco legislation.


The Albany Common Council could decide tonight to expand its smoking ban in city parks. If passed, the measure would carry a 50 dollar fine and go into effect immediately.

It is already against the law to smoke on playgrounds or ball-fields in the city. Back in 2012, the Albany Common Council approved a limited ban on smoking in areas of parks where children gather, including playgrounds, athletic fields and swimming pools.

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The Vermont House is putting off a debate on whether to raise the minimum age for purchasing tobacco products in Vermont from 18 to 21.