A Vermont house committee has reversed course.  After rejecting a penny-an-ounce tax on sugar-sweetened beverages last week, the measure has now been approved.

The Vermont House Health Care Committee had defeated the measure on a 5-5 tie vote on Friday after a committee member, a physician,  abruptly left.  Vermont Digger, an independent online newspaper, quoted committee chair Democrat Mike Fisher saying “The bill is dead”.  But on Wednesday, the panel voted in two 7-4 tallies to advance the measure.


A Vermont House committee has killed legislation that would have levied a new tax on sugary soft drinks.

In a move that drew the comment "Holy Smokes!" from a member of the Senate Health and Welfare committee, the House panel voted 5-5 on the measure. The tie vote killed the bill the committee had spent weeks drafting.

The money would pay for public health education and to help smooth the transition to a health care overhaul.