Solomon Northup

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Commemorations are scheduled for this weekend in Washington County and Saratoga Springs, New York in honor of a free man captured and sold into slavery in the 19th Century.

The story of Solomon Northup, as told in his 1853 narrative Twelve Years A Slave, has experienced a fresh round of attention thanks to last year’s Oscar-winning film of the same name. The story tells how Northup was lured away from his home in Saratoga Springs, and eventually sold into slavery.

Utica Remembers Role In Abolitionist Movement

Mar 31, 2014
Dave Chanatry

Almost 200 years ago, Utica was home to a passionate abolitionist community determined to rid the young nation of slavery. Now a local group is trying to remind the public of the significance of the city’s role in the anti-slavery movement.

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The story of Solomon Northup, a free man lured from New York and sold into slavery in 1841, is now known by a worldwide audience thanks to the Oscar-nominated film 12 Years A Slave. The film, directed by Steve McQueen, shares the title of the narrative written by Northup after his rescue in 1853.