Springfield City Council President Orlando Ramos

City of Springfield

   After a delay of one week, the city council in Springfield, Massachusetts has greenlighted a major park improvement project.  

     The City Council in Springfield, Massachusetts voted earlier this week to authorize the city to borrow more than $12.5 million to pay for construction projects and equipment purchases.  But a delay in authorizing city funds to improve a park drew the ire of the mayor.


   The city council in Springfield, Massachusetts will have two new members in January after an election Tuesday that saw a very low voter turnout.

     Elected officials in the largest city in western Massachusetts are expected to go on record today in support of a bid for Amazon’s second headquarters. 

       A special committee that is working to identify ways to improve relations between the police and the community in Springfield, Massachusetts is soliciting residents’ opinions through an online survey.


   A new push is being made to get police departments in Massachusetts equipped with body and cruiser cameras.  A law enforcement equipment company is offering free trials of its camera system. A state legislator wants the Baker administration to come up with guidelines for using the technology.

  With less than 2 weeks before the start of a new fiscal year in the city of Springfield, Massachusetts, City Councilors are poised to approve a new budget, perhaps as soon as tonight.


   The members of a new committee who will select which projects will get funded under the Community Preservation Act in the city of Springfield have been announced.

Wikimedia Commons/Diego Grez

    A special committee has begun working to identify ways to improve relations between the police and the community in one western Massachusetts city.

   Adults in Massachusetts can legally possess small amounts of marijuana for personal use, and even grow up to a dozen plants at home.  But, it may be a while before people can go to a store in their neighborhood to purchase pot products.


     The new president of the city council in Springfield, Massachusetts says improving police-community relations is his top priority.

      There are clouds over the futures of the top public safety leaders in Springfield, Massachusetts.