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    Plans have been announced for a permanent expanded police presence in downtown Springfield, Massachusetts in advance of the scheduled opening next year of the MGM casino.

exterior of a former U.S. Army reserve center that is to become a Springfield Police Dept Annex.

Funds have been authorized to renovate a closed U.S. Army reserve center in western Massachusetts for various law enforcement uses.

The Springfield City Council voted unanimously Monday night to approve $11.3 million for the project to renovate the 15,000-square foot building on the city’s east side for public safety uses. The Springfield Police Department plans to use the former military building for a training academy, juvenile assessment center, long-term evidence storage, and as home to the tactical response unit.


An effort is under way in Springfield, Massachusetts to portray police officers in a positive light. The initiative announced today is a counterpoint to months of recent protests over the deaths of unarmed black men at the hands of white police officers.

The YMCA of Greater Springfield and the city’s police department are partnering in an initiative to highlight the service of several of the city’s cops who are volunteering for educational and athletic activities with children and teenagers.

An assault on a U.S. Postal Service mail carrier last month in Springfield, Massachusetts has brought a call for harsh punishment to deter future attacks.

   Springfield City Councilor Bud Williams urged federal authorities to prosecute two city teenagers who are currently facing state criminal charges for beating the mail carrier.

   " This case needs the full thrust of the federal government to prosecute these people," said Williams. " Lets send a message that we stand with our postal workers."

MGM Springfield

Millions of dollars from MGM Resorts will start flowing soon to Springfield and other western Massachusetts communities.  MGM is obligated to make the payments years before the $800 million casino it is building in downtown Springfield opens.

Now that MGM Resorts has been awarded a casino license by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission -- a formality that had been delayed for months by the ill-fated effort to repeal the casino law on Election Day — the company must honor development agreements with Springfield and surrounding communities.


Twenty-two people have been charged in federal and state indictments with drug and firearm offenses in the city of Springfield, Massachusetts.  Law enforcement officials say some dangerous people have been taken off the streets of a city that has seen a recent spike in deadly gun violence.


A new police commissioner takes charge of law enforcement in Springfield, Massachusetts this weekend.  Next to the mayor, it is the highest profile job in a city where public safety consistently ranks as a top issue.


The incoming police commissioner in Springfield, Massachusetts last night made a highly anticipated public presentation of his crime-fighting plans.  It is a series of five strategic objects designed to make the police department more efficient and accountable.


A 26-year veteran of the police department in Springfield, Massachusetts has been picked to be the next police commissioner.  It is a high-profile post in a city where public safety has consistently ranked as the number one issue.


People interested in crime and police work have a unique opportunity starting next month to participate in a civilian police academy in Springfield, Massachusetts.  It is free 10-week, one-night-per-week class for city residents.   WAMC’s  Pioneer  Valley Bureau Chief   Paul Tuthill spoke with Kathleen Brown, the community liaison for the Springfield Police Department.

A debate rages in Springfield, Massachusetts over who should run the police department – a five-member part-time commission, or a single all-powerful police commissioner.  A showdown vote between the city council and the mayor looms next month.


The mayor of Springfield, Massachusetts and the city council appear to be on a collision course over control of the police department. Councilors are looking into putting a civilian board in charge of the police, while the mayor wants the department run by a law enforcement professional.


A man who spent three years in prison for murder before he was found not guilty of the charge at a second trial filed a lawsuit today accusing police in Springfield, Massachusetts of violating his civil rights.

A wrongful conviction lawsuit against two Springfield police detectives and the City of Springfield was filed by Charles Wilhite. It alleges the police officers caused his wrongful conviction by fabricating evidence and intimidating witnesses, according to Wilhite’s attorney, Howard Friedman.

Officials in Springfield Massachusetts are implementing a plan to address what they say is a public safety perception problem in the city’s downtown.   It is important to existing business owners and to a possible future big business—a resort casino. 


Community activists in Springfield Massachusetts say a 25 year old Middletown Connecticut man who went on trial Monday for assaulting police is actually a victim of police brutality.

Ellen Graves and other members of a group called the Community Coaltion for Justice  rallied outside the courthouse in defense of  Michael Ververis who is facing felony charges stemming from a disturbance more than 2 years ago at closing time in the city’s entertainment district.

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Police in Springfield Massachusetts are expanding the use of gunshot detection technology.

   The area of Springfield now covered by the  gun shot detection system has been roughly doubled. The expansion was paid for by $120,000 in private donations collected by the New North Citizens Council as part of the civic organization’s safe neighborhood initiative. Springfield Police Commissioner William Fitchet said the technology can put police on a crime scene in time to make an arrest and seize a gun

Springfield Police Dept

    Three months after a veteran police officer in Springfield Massachusetts was killed in the line of duty, the death of officer Kevin Ambrose still reverberates.  Police across the country are reviewing procedures for dealing with domestic disputes involving fellow law officers.  Efforts continue in Massachusetts to boost survivor benefits for the families of public safety professionals killed on the job. WAMC”s Pioneer Valley Bureau Chief Paul Tuthill reports.


Thousands came out Friday to pay their last respects to a veteran Springfield Massachusetts police officer who was shot dead earlier this week after responding to a domestic dispute..  WAMC’s Pioneer Valley Bureau Chief  Paul Tuthill reports.

        Springfield Police Officer Kevin Ambrose was remembered for his fun loving spirit, his sense of humor, athletic prowess and his dedication to family, friends and the citizens of Springfield, whom he served for 36 years. 

Springfield Police Dept

National statistics point to an increase in deadly violence against law enforcement officers. A 36 year veteran policeman in Springfield Massachusetts was the latest to lose his life in the line of duty when he was shot dead earlier this week while trying to resolve a domestic dispute.   WAMC’s Pioneer Valley Bureau Chief Paul Tuthill reports.

Springfield Police Dept

A  veteran Springfield Massachusetts police officer was killed in the line of duty Monday after responding to a domestic dispute. Authorities say the policeman was shot and fatally wounded by a Rikers Island corrections officer, who then took his own life.  A woman was critically wounded. WAMC”s Pioneer Valley Bureau Chief Paul Tuthill has more..