student loan crisis


Two colleges in western Massachusetts have announced a student transfer program that puts a cap on the cost of a diploma.

The agreement between Westfield State University and Holyoke Community College gives commuter students an opportunity to earn a degree at both the associate’s and bachelor’s levels for a total cost of $30,000 in tuition and mandatory student fees.

" What we are doing is putting together a four-year college degree that is roughly the cost of a new car," said Westfield State University Interim President Elzabeth Preston.


Planning for college is the focus of today’s program. Certified educational planner Lynell Engelmyer is in the studio this afternoon to talk more about it.

WAMC Composite Photo by Dave Lucas

With student loan debt sailing past the trillion-dollar mark, U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York is once again pitching a proposed law to let federal loan borrowers reduce their student debts by refinancing.

The Massachusetts legislature has formed a subcommittee to gather data and hear from students and educators across the commonwealth on the real impact of student loan debt.

Democratic State Representative Paul Mark, of the Second Berkshire district, a member of the Joint Committee on Higher Education, is serving as co-chair of the five member subcommittee that is tasked with investigating the rapid rise of student loan debt among current students and recent graduates.