Stun Guns

WAMC photo by Dave Lucas

There’s been another fatal shooting in Albany. In the meantime, police have announced a change in taser policy.

The city stun-gun policy change comes in the aftermath of a pair of tasing incidents in Arbor Hill. April 2nd, 39-year old Dontay Ivy, a paranoid schizophrenic with heart problems, died at Albany Medical Center shortly after police tased him. The Albany County D.A. is investigating.

A bill on Governor Dannel Malloy's desk would make Connecticut the first state to require police departments to record and track the use of stun guns.

The legislature passed the bill, which also requires departments to adopt stun-gun policies, during the final hours of this year's General Assembly.

It followed the death in April of 22-year-old Jose Maldonado of Manchester, who was shocked by East Hartford police after they say he became combative while being booked on an assault charge.

Junglecat/Wikimedia Commons

The Vermont Senate has passed a bill calling for enhanced police training on the use of electronic stun guns.

Junglecat/Wikimedia Commons

The Vermont Senate Government Operations committee was scheduled Tuesday afternoon to take up a proposal to require statewide standards for police using electronic stun guns.

Junglecat/Wikimedia Commons

Several people speaking out about Vermont police use of electronic stun guns are saying much stronger statewide standards are needed on their use.